Gamedaily: Mario Games Without (That Moocher) Luigi

Gamedaily writes: "Mario games have been all the rage since the early 80s, so it's easy to see why Luigi would try and ride his older brother's coattails (most recently in the Nintendo DS game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story). It seems that wherever Mario goes, be it running through the Mushroom Kingdom or fighting opponents in Super Smash Bros., his brother Luigi is sure to follow. While one can appreciate the family loyalty, the lesser Mario brother does get annoying, so who could blame Mario for going it solo in these ten Mario games without Luigi?"

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na-no-nai3709d ago

i could of sworn luigi was in mario rpg. he was like in mushroom kingdom giving mario advice behind the building all the way to the left

if its not him then who is it then?? anyone know this?