Reggie: It's a mistake to say core gamers have been ignored

Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo of America, believes that it's a mistake to say that hardcore gamers have been ignored.

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Spike473711d ago

You would think that Nintendo of all companies would always support the core gamers, but it doesn't seem like it.
There's nothing wrong with trying to appeal the casual crowd, Sony did it, and MS is doing it.
With the PS2, yes there were a lot of casual titles, but it never made an impact on hardcore titles such as God of War.

RedPawn3711d ago

Most people don't bother to look for the Wii games that stand upon their own, with theiir own individualism.

ChickeyCantor3711d ago

The Fact is that Nintendo did not expect to have this much impact on the casual crowd. Neither did anyone else.

It was also the point of view of the audience on the Wii when it was announced. It was laughed at and it would never sell they said.

Things went differently and the dislike kept hanging.
Developers kept sh/tting out ps2 ports, so "hardcore" gamers had little to no interest in them, then games like carnival-games sold well and developers thought: lets case in on that.
While many developers kept trying to make better or more "hardcore" games they failed because of the fact that most people were pissed off due the Ps2 ports or games with no effort put into them.

Now Everyone is saying Nintendo forgot about the "hardcore", honestly i havnt seen them change since the NES( and that is an annoyance really) .
People are just expecting to much from Nintendo these days since its been 2 generations long that on their consoles(GCN/n64) only their software did best.

Now Nintendo made huge impact on the "casual" gamers, the contrast seems to be that Nintendo doesn't care for "hardcore" gamers.
Funny thing is the Casual gamer has always been the majority.

Its just the Way Nintendo-wii started off.
Its just now that more "quality" games are developed.
And fanboys who call themselves "hardcore" and cry that all Wii games suck.

evrfighter3711d ago

Reggie wasn't crying when the wii was flying off the shelves.

Now all of a sudden they want their best friend back?


ChickeyCantor3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

" Now all of a sudden they want their best friend back? "

hahah what best friends?
O you refer to the hardcore crowd that called them "kiddy" in the n64/gcn days and left them on the sideway.

Ah yes that makes sense.

v1c1ous3711d ago

i consider pikmin game a "core" franchise.

some people here though would call it kiddy, and that's the issue here.

MTEC83711d ago

I already sold my Wii, lost interest about a year ago. The only game I was really exited for was Mario Kart and that was mediocre at best.

orakga3711d ago

Everthing that comes out of Reggie's mouth is PR speak.

It's also in direct contradiction with what Iwata says about Nintendo's over-arching strategy, and whom they are targeting at the moment.

...besides... Super Mario Brothers? Yes, I'm sort of excited about that game, too, but that's NOSTALGIA fueling my interest, and nothing else. As a gamer, I'm ashamed that Nintendo is re-cycling an almost 30-year-old game and pretending like it's doing the gamers a favor.

Lifendz3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I'm a "hardcore" gamer and I never called Nintendo kiddy in the N64 days nor do I believe many hardcore gamers did. You gotta exclude fanboys because they'll be fanboys and thus can't be taken seriously.

Mario 64 blew my effing mind. I would ride my bike from Cambria Heights to Valley Stream in order to play the game at ToysRUs. When I finally got it I just remember being amazed at not only the innovative gameply but the game's graphics.

Each Nintendo system was a marked improvement over the previous model in terms of raw power. SNES, N64, and the Gamecube. I've owned every Nintendo console made up until the Wii. Why didn't I get it? Because I didn't see that jump. I didn't see the progression. What I saw was a company releasing old tech with a spin in the hopes of capitalizing on a different demographic.

In short, it felt like Nintendo was telling me it's been a nice run, but we're looking to date other people. And there was Sony and MS waiting for me with open arms with Killzone, Gears, etc.

Graphics aren't everything. If you want to sell a system that's not exactly cutting edge then fine. It's when you price that system at something higher than its fair market value that I can't help but be insulted.

EvilTwin3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

orakga -- The 2D platformer is certainly an old genre, but so what? A good game is a good game.

Wolfenstein 3D came out in 1992, and Doom came out in 1993. It's a 17-year old genre that has been constantly recycled, especially for this console gen and the last.

I can't say I'm "ashamed" that so many of these games exist and that so many are so derivative of previous titles. People like them. If that floats their boat, more power to 'em.

Lifendz -- In this thread, I think we came up with a list of 14 or so core first party Nintendo games to be released so far, or one about every two-and-a-half months. That's a pretty brisk pace. I don't know if it tops Sony or Microsoft, but that's not bad.
There are certainly more good third party efforts on the 360 and PS3, but I can't blame Nintendo for bad third-party shovelware.

ChickeyCantor3711d ago

"As a gamer, I'm ashamed that Nintendo is re-cycling an almost 30-year-old game and pretending like it's doing the gamers a favor."

Shees some people take this gamer thing way to serious.
Even if they recycle, why should Nintendo grow with you while there are thousands of new young gamers joining the fray?

Im glad Nintendo still makes the marios and the zeldas, and not for nostalgia reasons but because they are...actually good games.

mastiffchild3711d ago

Yes, Sidar, the're mainly good games(SSBB was awfully killed off online and the SSE mode was pants ansd MKWii was cack but mainly the first aprty stuff has been good with the odd SMG/MP3 gem)BUT I do blame Nintendo for not supporting the better third party games and by doing so making the crap more attractive to devs.

The Wii with games like Madworld or Lost Winds was crying out for demos-loads of good third party games have flounered because they don't have them. Ninty have ignored third party devs for ages now and if they want to keep their new gamers(who will mature in their tastes I imagine)they'll have to change IMO.

Yuo know I like my Wii and nad bery high hopes for this years third party line up but it just failed to get going in my eyes and many others who still hoped for better. GG4 not appearing(due to Ninty themselves) in the west, Fragile yet to land here(and seemingly underwhelming anyway), DC being ropey and misunderstood, the Sega trio being either below par or ignored by the vast majority of Wii gamers(again demos, demos, demos). The line up that looked to have lots for "core" gamers has failed to ignite as the newer gamers won't bite til they know what a game's like(hence Mario, who they know, always selling)and the danger is they'll tire of gaming entirely after being bored by the crap ports and shovelware if Nintendo don't push them towards more fulfilling games.

On the other hand they may move on to PS360, who knows, as the demos are there for new games and experiences on those consoles. EA and DS Extraction will suffer the same fate as most mature 3rd party Wii games if there's no demo, Muramasa is doomed, imo, no matter how great it is and these games on PS360 would be supported better and pushed more and have a better chance of getting to core and new gamer alike. Ninty have a great position but their continued difficulties with games they don't make for their console is worrying.

Personally, however, the worst thing is how many of the games I looked forward to this time last year have either failed to show, desappointed or sold like poo flavour crisps. First party software alone cannot keep Ninty going forever and if the new market tires of either games or the Wii what have Nintendo hot to tempt them back and keep them both gaming AND doing it on a Nintendo platform?

Honestly I'd say that the lack of demos and too few trailers on the Wii and Shopping channel hampers the chances of Ninty holding their position and along with the half assed storae solution go a long way to cutting off the options they have for their next move. Reggie, BTW, knows nothing and still insists that AC is "hardcore" when it just isn't-S&P2 is , however, and to a point Ninty have given some good "core" experiences, ut it's too little without being augmented by the third party games. Will the next two HVS/Sega games be pushed better by Nintendo? IDK but doubt it and these are the exact people who shopuld get support as they'll be the kinmd of games that newer gamers can use to widen tastes but they won't if they're unknown to them at release.

I don't want Ninty to fail;(or MS or Sony)I just want them to gow up themselves and get out of their habit(which they had years back and still do today) of blowing it when they're on top-not since SNES hs there been real understanding of the outside studio from Ninty and it's a big problem for them, imo.

BattleAxe3711d ago

What the heck is reggie smoking these days? Nintendo is pure casual, nothing more.

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na-no-nai3711d ago

theres too many game on nintendo i want!!!! damm wish i have lots of cash to throw out

EvilTwin3711d ago

Lets see...Ninteno has made...

-- Zelda: Twilight Princess
-- Super Mario Galaxy
-- Metroid Prime 3 (and now the Prime Trilogy)
-- Super Smash Bros. Brawl
-- PunchOut
-- Paper Mario
-- Two Wario games, including one very nice 2D platformer
-- Mario Kart
-- Two Excite racers
-- Battalion Wars 2

...and people say they haven't made core games?

They'll also have Galaxy 2, Other M, the next Zelda, NSMB and whatever Retro is working on.

No, Nintendo hasn't stopped making core games. Period.

3711d ago
Rofflecopter3711d ago

First of all, for nintendo, Mario is a core game. Maybe not Hardcore in the traditional sense of a gamer, but it is a core game. Nintendo's software has done well on the Wii, just like it's past systems. On the other hand, third party developers haven't really made strides in making many decent, or even half-way decent, games for the Wii in comparison with the 360 and PS3.

velcry3711d ago

It's not that Nintendo has stopped making such games, its just that they are putting out too few of them.

Hardcore gamers' appetites for such games are voracious. I just finished Batman AA, but already I'm looking forward to the next big thing around the corner. If I don't get my fix, well, I will feel ignored!

Hardcore gamers are not going to sit with one game and replay it ad nauseum for the whole year.

Let's put it this way. You listed 13 hardcore games. Let's assume they are all of great quality, and that any hardcore gamer would want every single game on that list (which already is pushing it):

- Wii has been available since Dec 06
- That's 33 months since release
- That's 33/13 = about 2.5 months in between every must-have hardcore game.

Granted, there are more games than the 13 you listed that are hardcore, like No More Heroes or Madworld. But those are non-Nintendo games.

Conclusion --> Nintendo CAN DO MORE to appease its hardcore fans.

evrfighter3711d ago

You do realize 50% of your life is based off the Mario franchise right?

And they're really wondering why they've lost "core gamers"?

ChickeyCantor3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

" Maybe not Hardcore in the traditional sense of a gamer"

Lovely, another definition of the "traditional sense"
You know in the golden age there were only "few" games that were rated 18+ and whatever.
Mario being kiddy or whatever has NOTHING to do with a game being hardcore.

So wouldnt that make the traditional sense be:
The games are not "hardcore", but the time and effort put into a game defines how "hardcore" [YOU] are.

A traditional gamer would play any game as long they find them enjoyable. They DO NOT attach "hardcore" tags on to everything so it makes them feel "special".

EvilTwin3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Madis007 -- Hopefully you're just being ironic, as that's a pretty lame attempt at trolling.

Velcry -- I suppose it depends on the game and the gamer. I spent 70 hours on Twilight Princess, and that was over a few months. OTOH, I barely played Brawl.

Can Big N do more? A first party releasing core franchises every two and a half months is a pretty brisk pace. Are Sony and Microsoft matching that?

evrfighter -- Actually, Mario Galaxy is only the second Mario game I've completely beaten, so you're talking out of your rear end.

If "core gamers" exclusively play the types of games Madis007 listed, then that is why Nintendo lost core gamers.

But I don't consider FPS or sandbox games any more "core" than a good platformer. Blood and swearing alone don't make a game. Bioshock is my favorite FPS this gen because of its art direction and plot, not because of any gore.

...and I'd like to see some of the "core" FPS fan boys on here try their hand at Mega Man 9. "Hardcore" used to refer to difficulty, too. Then again, maybe I'm just old fashioned.

sidar -- It's pretty funny, isn't it? The more games I play, the less "core" and "casual" mean to me.

Zelda doesn't feature bucket loads of blood. There is no swearing to be found. The games take dozens of hours to complete, and double that if you want to really explore the overworld. By some people's definition, it isn't "core."

SpoonyRedMage3711d ago

Velcry keep in mind that Nintendo also supports the DS(to a much larger extent than Sony has supported the PSP). Take into account all the first party DS games that have been released and then see what rate they're released at.

Also Nintendo have released more than just what he listed. He missed out Fire Emblem for one, which is pretty much the definition of core. I'd like to see some "core" gamers complete Fire Emblem on hard mode and keep all units alive(and get all available units) unless the plot requires it or if you need to get rid of them to recruit someone new.

WiiJunkii3711d ago

A look at Meta critic shows over 100 Wii titles rated 75 or higher by the gaming media. There is no ignoring the fact that many reviewers simply don't like the Wii and unjustly low ball it's scores in accordance with that bias. As an example; several sites whose scores are included in these averages took points away from the Conduit for having bad controls. ??? With this in mind, you have to figure that if a game still manages an aggregate score of 75 in this anti-Wii climate, it must have something going for it. To further illustrate this bias the list even shows some excellent games below that threshold, SSX Blur, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Excite Truck and the Conduit just to name a few...

I don't care what type of gamer you consider yourself... If you can't find a decent collection of games to keep you entertained within this extremely diverse list; it's a personal shortcoming... not Nintendo's.

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v1c1ous3711d ago

what CAN they do?

they have ALWAYS appealed to a younger crowd since the beginning. aside from the usual more mature fare out of zelda/metroid titles, nintendo hasn't really left their main staple of series for all ages.

it's not really nintendo's fault that 3rd party companies are releasing trash on their console. if nintendo makes a hostile environment towards these companies to release more hardcore titles, then they would potentially burn bridges with the 3rd parties.

and lets be honest, us hardcore gamers complain, but the casual market is booming and bringing in the cash. obviously something is appealing to the casual market.
they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

SpoonyRedMage3711d ago

You're absolutely right there. The Gamecube and N64 were referred to as the Kiddie consoles as well and Nintendo trie do combat that image and it got them nowhere(except last place). We're still getting the Core games off them and they're actually trying to make them more "mature"(just look at Other M, Sin and Punishment and Monado).

You're also right about the third parties putting out the shovelware. Nintendo is only just regaining third party support and they can't afford to lose it now. Also the last time they actually limited what publishers could release they got took to court and got in lots of trouble.

Gaidrius3711d ago

"Nintendo is only just regaining third party support and they can't afford to lose it now."

Nintendo can afford anything at this point. It's the best-selling console of this generation... Though I can't figure out why.

bigjclassic3711d ago

they have no clue, and only want blood and guts. Just read some of these comments on this thread alone or any "nintendo related" thread. Ignorance of the fanboys is truly sad. I am glad that they are kicking the crap outta the HD consoles because that means "traditional" gamers are still around and ticking.

From reading alot of the comments on N4G, it seems that alot of gamers started out during the PS2 era, and have a sick sense of entitlement.
*Oh well*

EvilTwin3711d ago

I think you're right. There seems to be a good chunk of people on here who started playing games last gen, so their idea of "core" is shaped by the preponderance of FPS and sandbox games from a few years ago.

That's a point of view I understand, but I certainly don't agree with it.

n4f3711d ago

you hit the nail again

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