Weekly News Update: May 7th - May 13th

This was another exciting week for PlayStation 3 owners, with plenty of promising news about upcoming games. First off, Killzone information is coming soon (we expect it at Sony's Gamers Day this Thursday). Also, one of the most anticipated games of the summer, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, was recently completed. Calling All Cars finally hit the PlayStation Store making quite an impact. This week also included hordes of new game announcements, with a Simpsons game, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, and Condemned 2 taking just some of those spots.

Finally, all you UK'ers out there might want to check out our Oblivion competition, as we're giving out Oblivion T-shirts. All this and more in the newest Weekly Update.

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Robotz Rule4174d ago

But I want more Killzone 2 info.

Satanas4174d ago

E3 should bring some answers.

btkadams4174d ago

they better have something to show or ill be hugely disappointed

Satanas4174d ago

There's no other time for them to show it. I doubt they won't show anything, that'd be pretty dumb.

nice_cuppa4174d ago

i hope the kz2 stuff is in game shots from gameplay perspective !

i really hope kz2 is good as i need a new ps3 game ! ( and i hope its better than the original as i thought kz1 was very poor !)

i had gaiden and gaiden black so i wont be getting sigma !

live and achievements mean i get 360 versions of multiformat games !

so ???
lair....... not sure !
warhawk...... no ! ( got battlefield 2 )
heavenly sword.....hell yeah ! ( unless all the big impressive stuff in the vids is just a 3d movie !) ( i want to be able to pick out a guy in the background goto him and tentacle hair the crap out of him )

what else is ps3 exclusive and coming in the next 3 months ?

any info would be great !

Clinton5144174d ago

Nothing on Killzone at the gamer day event

magicted4174d ago

I think we all have been waiting awhile for some Killzone news . Its almost time for them to show us why this game is going to rock on the PS3. Cant wait .

sonarus4174d ago

This killzone 2 is getting way to much hype. Never played 1 cause it had lame ratings. Played the psp demo but can't really judge the game on that since it dosent even have the same gameplay. Looks like its about time i go check out the old killzone though cause KZ2 trailer was lookin smooth as eggs.

sak5004174d ago

Why so much excitement for a game whose prequel KZ was average? If you believed their E3 05 lie then chk the video. I'm guessing they are waiting for people to forget what they showed back then so even if they deliver short they will not get flak from the gamers.

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