IncGamers: Wet Review

Marcus Holland get's his hands on Wet, and delivers a very comprehensive verdict.

"The inspiration for Wet and its lead character, Rubi Malone, is obvious. The game artistically borrows heavily from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 as well as the recent resurgence in grindhouse cinema championed by Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Rubi's character is Tarantino's the bride, complete with katana blade and a few side arms for good measure. The Grindhouse influences continue with the whole game having a mock film-grain and reel jitter applied over it just like House of the Dead: Overkill, along with bad language and an abundance of violence. On paper this sounds great: sexy heroine who is happy to acrobatically slice, dice and shoot her way through hordes of enemies, whilst encapsulating the cinematic feel of 'B' movie grindhouse flicks. Sadly the execution of this concept is far from perfect."

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Fyzzu3708d ago

Y'know, despite everything, I'm still interested in this. I'm looking for a game that could work as a sort of Sunday afternoon blast, and this sounds promising for that.

Leord3708d ago

Sunday afternoon as in hungover? :)

Actually, I was thinking in similar terms, but more than just a little Sunday fun. This type of game is right up my alley, and I think I will appreciate it more than the reviewer.

7 average score...

Fyzzu3708d ago

Kinda. Nothing that requires a great deal of thought or a long time to play; just something that I can dip into for an hour or two of action every now and then. The blockbuster action type of game - brainless but fun.