AMD blasts Nvidia for R600 FUD document

During the AMD R600 architeture launch, Nvidia took care to emerge an "Architectural Comparison" FAQ document, comparing R600 against G80 and showing how things look from perspective engineers and marketeers from Satan Clara.

AMD decided enough was enough and has sent an e-mail to journalists that had seen the document, blasting its "partner" in the process. We saw the document and were surprised by some parts of it. AMD points out not just architectural errors in the description of Nvidia's own DirectX 10 hardware, but also went on to explain where Nvidia missed the boat against the R600 GPU marchitecture.

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gta_cb4487d ago

hope ATI continue to release better GPUs they need to get the R600 out!

Hydrolex4487d ago

ATI is a noob company ! wt* are you talking about. This is why nVidia > ATI Radenoob

RSX > Xenos

gta_cb4486d ago

"wt* are you talking about" i guess this was aimed at me as i am the only person to comment before you.

i have my personal opinion, you have yours dont try and argue with me, as my ATI can be overclocked and be stable, and when its been overclocked it can beat some Nvidia 7*** in SLI mode (cant remember which version of the 7000s but they where considered good) oh and my Graphics card was cheaper then them.

as i brought my Card just over a year ago, and as with PC GPUs they nearly double there power every half a year to a year. i know mine isnt considered amazing anymore. but not everyone can afford to upgrade there PCs every half to a year. so as i stated earlier ATI have until recently been releasing better GPUs, and i hope when they have released the R600 it matches and passes the latest Nvidia.

also just to let you know, i own an AMD processor and a ATI GPU so i guess i fit into liking AMDs decission to buy ATI.

bootsielon4487d ago

By buying ATI. They should have gone nVidia all the way... but I guess they were too expensive compared to a lower quality rival ;)

Anyway, RSX has a higher performance when you tailor your programs to take full advantage of it. Xenos simply has the advantage of not having to optimize it, since it's pretty flexible. But for console games that doesn't really matter in the long run. What matters is raw power, unlike PCs which are all different unlike consoles, which remain the same for 5 years at least.

gta_cb4486d ago

"AMD screwed themselves"

although i know AMD/ATI are in trouble atm, i REALLY dont think they have "screwed themselves" ATI release good products! so do Nvidia!
maybe with AMD buying ATI they will release better products, especially when it comes to 2011 when there going to be releasing/starting there Fusion project!

oh and when i next upgrade my PC it will be my processor to an AMD Dual Core processor! already got my eye on the processor i want hehe!

WilliamRLBaker4486d ago

Are known for such tactics, I personally only use ATI products because most of the nvidia GPU's i've had died on me, where as I have some ATI gpu's that are over 9 years old and still work, in my lower portioned computers on my network that pretty much do nothing but run email and folding/[email protected]