PES2010 demo published tomorrow

Gamecloud writes: "Konami just send out word that a playable demo of PES2010 will be published tomorrow"

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SWORDF1SH3710d ago

Forgive me Lord.
I have sinned.

Last year I.... I.....


Please forgive me. PLEASSSEEEEEEEE.

I did not know what I was doing.

I swear to buy PES10 this year to redeem myself. I SWEAR.

nix3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )


i am a good man so didn't commit any sin but it came with a cost. i didn't buy PES09 either and just passed the year by playing demo. this year, if Konami has got it's act together, i will be buying PES10 for sure. if not then, i'll have to commit a sin.

i wonder what would Jesus do?

Baka-akaB3710d ago

Lol , a family member gave me fifa 09 as a gift , since i already had PES .

No more .... not until they revamp the whole gameplay from scratch . It's not that it is a bad game , but i barely got anything good to say about it , besides well "nices animations... and oh the online works" . Call it a taste issue .

And from what've i've tried Fifa10 is basically the same , with some changes that arent necessarily positive in my book .

Anyway back to PES , my only fears are indeed the online , and for the demo . I'm afraid it wont be from a really final build , wich will be a mistake for Konami .

People have been (righfully) waiting to shred the title in pieces , so i assume a demo without online and most of all with not all the animations , like the game shown since the last 4 months , wont be well received .

barom3710d ago

PES 09 was awesome, have no idea why people are hating. PES 08 sucked terribly yes, but 09 was really good! Very excited for PES 10.

Tried Fifa and really don't know what the fuss is about. It feels so clumsy or clunky in a way. One thing I will give it, is that everytime I pass, it passes 90% of the time to exactly the place I want it to pass. Which doesn't happen quite as often in PES (75-80%'ish I figure)

Baka-akaB3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I only play soccer games with friends outside of Career like modes . So PES 09's awful online and fifa's working one wasnt at all a factor to me .
However i can understand how it would bother others .

That's PES 09 's main and worst offender actually .

As for the whole license thing ? It's a weak excuse to diss the game . Any pes player know how easy it is to download , even for all consoless , a fanmade patch with the missing players and correct names and leagues .
Fifa is almost impossible to mod on consoles , and makes you pay for a crappy roster updating service . Someone want's to argue about the crapp comment ? I could play even to this date with the correct teams rosters with PES 09 . In fifa i just cant , the service ended in may , and there is no modding scene , so you're left with doing it manually , in a quite atrocious menu .

No other problems were the following :

-the worst penalty system ever

-not actually awful but really subpar graphics

-lacks of more varied animations , and well it does affect the gameplay

-an aggravating IA who tacles without being even asked . And poor IA defense placements and actions .

-the referée , but i dont think any game will ever get a referée right .

-lack of aerial play and the balls physics . Without going too far like Fifa's ballerinhas and wacky ball (come on i can do some really weird moves unskilled players shouldnt be able to do in fifa 09) , the ball was stuck to the ground .
it was improved with the patch 1.4 but still lacking

-not many varied ways to play other than physical confrontation and running straight to goals with athletes . And both franchise are guilty of that . Points for technique or strategies were kinda useless when you can just rush to the goal and play physical

And i probably missed some others probs .
Bottom line is , i remained with PES because of the tight , precise and responsive enough controls and gameplay ... unlike imo Fifa (even judging by the demo in fifa 10 , despite better controls this time with 360 degrees) . i also enjoyed it's editing options and had fun a lot with it .

nix3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

i found FIFA to be too fluid... if that is a good thing. i couldn't feel the game unlike in PES where you had to work hard, grunt, push, pull to get the ball.

i hate the fact that "letting the ball go" (when you press R1 in PES) option wasn't there in FIFA. and i missed the tugging the R stick to make the player run faster while running (with the R1 pressed). things like that actually made me feel more involved in a game.

plus in FIFA, the way the player (closer to the camera) gets blurred in replays of FIFA10 is horrible. and the score card and the map/player details always get in the way of gaming. i don't know why EA overlooked these?

barom3709d ago

There is something unnatural about Fifa.

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evilbart3710d ago

better have good online then im sold

nix3710d ago

a w e s o m e !

i'm glad it's coming out soon... been playing FIFA10 demo but my heart lies in PES.

so i guess it's this and NGS2.

Tesselation 3603710d ago

now i can compare with fifa10 and decide which one ill buy but to beat fifa10 is gonna be hard for konami. From playin the demo of fifa10 i can say that its the most realistic football game out there. Big improvement over fifa09. Hope konami can sort out the online play cause last pes was way too laggy.

Ravage273710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

let's see if the 'card' system will be as innovative as it looks

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