Punch-Out!! sequel coming?

"Is a sequel to the newly released Punch-Out!! in the works, and could it be different than what we got this year?"

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Product3708d ago

What other genres could the Punch-Out characters be a good fit in? A fitness game?

Ninji3708d ago

I assume this sequel will play more like Super Punch-Out.

Unbiased13708d ago

first one on wii was a sales flop, so why would 2nd be any different...

Unbiased13708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

comment deleted

Product3708d ago

How was it a sales flop?

Unbiased13708d ago

Look at NPD numbers and you tell me how it was not a flop...

Product3708d ago

It is doing fine for the type of game it is.

Smacktard3708d ago

protip: Wii games don't need to sell 1 million units to be considered a success. If they're considering a sequel already, it's obviously a pretty good sign that the game was a success.

Just because "HURR GAEM SALES =/= 1 MILLION THER4 FAIL" mostly applies to 360 and PS3 retail games, that doesn't mean it applies to Wii games.

Perjoss3708d ago

felt more like an XBLA title to me, not a big rivial of a hugely popular franchise from back in the day.

EvilTwin3708d ago

Sadly, some people think that unless a game sells Halo-type numbers, it isn't a hit.

Wii titles cost less to develop. It's why a game like No More Heroes can sell about 400,000 copies, turn a profit, and get greenlit for a sequel. If I'm not mistaken, PunchOut has sold about the same.

Voice_of_Reason3708d ago

NMH was their best selling title so far. It outsold every PS2 game they made and did it on a much smaller install base.

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Jamescagney3708d ago

Well the first one was a great game, so I hope they do bring out another.

IdleLeeSiuLung3708d ago

Which was terrible once the novelty wears off!

Jamescagney3708d ago

Yeah it's much better. And there's a lot of game there for your money as well, once you become the world champion it's not over.

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