New Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 ad shows game's assets

New Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 commercial showcases the "jiggle" feature.

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WildArmed3716d ago

I guess they got their teen-fanbase covered =p


N4GAddict3716d ago

Looks like old men are enjoying the game too according to the commercial.

N4G king3716d ago



Hellsvacancy3715d ago

That was probably 1 of the most saddest videos i hav EVER seen!!!

Syronicus3715d ago

Seems like some game devs need to grow up a bit.

Lawliet3715d ago

err no. I think it's a really funny ads, really well made and understandable! Learn to take jokes for once.

Pixel_Addict3715d ago

I think the entire internet is sick of stuck up people like you. It was a funny video and boobs is what sells half of movies, music, and video games. Get over it, men/boys/the elderly/lesbians all love boobs. I guess you prefer feet?

rockleex3715d ago

They were trying their hardest not to laugh. Each and every one of those guys in the video.


va_bank3715d ago

That they put this in to make up for the lack of blood. Works for me as I'm not that upset about blood (the original Sigma didn't have that much).

Besides, I've seen enough blood, but you can never see enough b00bs.

P.S. I'm not a teenager, but I think it's cool. Anyone who tells you they won't try this when they get the game is a LIAR.

Hellsvacancy3715d ago

DONT tell me wot i "need" 2do mofo EVER!!!

I think the advert is a complete low in video game advertisin - WOW u get 2 shake a pair a bristol cities on a computer game "dont wait up mum and dad" Is that really the biggest sellin point the game has 2 offer? if it is - OUCH

And yeah i luv tittys better than the next person - but when there in my face not on screen controlled by my hands - thats 4 sados like yourself

Poopface the 2nd3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

I gues they dont want to show the gameplay because disappearing limbs with no blood looks stupid.

I know, I know, youll get you panties in a bunch over that comment. But I am a huge NG fan and I will probably buy this game even though I already owned NG 2.

I think they made alot of great additions to the game but the removal of the limbs/gore WASNT one of them. Youll understand when you see ryu stab the guy in the face with the claw and rip his head off, alot of blood would come out.

And dont give me the excuse "games dont need gore" because this game is about brutal combat and revenge, not tits and censorship. Maybe they should remove the gore from GOW but add a female with huge jiggly tits. TiTs isnt the selling factor of NG, combat is.

Seems like this guy has gone above and beyond filling the shoes of Itagaki, as he has shown he can focus on videogame tits even more than the awesome combat of the game.

DaTruth3715d ago

Thought they said Ninja Gaiden sigma 2?

That was a Baywatch video!

ThanatosDMC3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

HAHAHAHA!!! An old man!!! Great commercial. Sucks we dont have any of those here in the US...

SaiyanFury3715d ago

Haha interesting commercial. It seems Master Roshi and Happosai have many students.

Trebius3715d ago

The Ninja Gaiden series never had any sort of blood spraying until NG2 was released on the Xbox. The game doesnt need blood to be fun. You could sit here all day and say that blood makes the game better...but in reality it doesnt...

(we still get that purple/blue blood or whatever it is...that should be enough to satisfy your need fore gore)

DaTruth3715d ago

Plenty of tits in God of War. They will probably jiggle this time around!

GameGambits3715d ago

I'd buy this day one if my wallet wasn't already stretched out as thin as hell.

Renting it day 1 though. I have a bet with a guy that I can beat it on the hardest difficulty, because apparently on the 360 version only about 23 people in the whole world managed to that and one of them was him.

nycredude3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Hellsvacancy, Syronicus, and anyone bent out of shape over this..

You guys need to lighten up and grow a sense of humor man. Gaming is supposed to be fun, and what is wrong with some boobs in your games. I didn't see you people complaining about GOW games, Conan had boobs, and what about the countless fighting games that has voluptuous girl in skimpy outfits. Resident Evil 5, MGS games, and the list goes on and on. Don't get all bent out of shape over this.

Also hellsvacancy what does looking at boobs on screen have to do with sados? Maybe you should look up the meaning of the word first. I'm guessing you have a problem with porn also...

IMO we don't have enough boobs and sex in our games and I would love for a more open policy when it comes to sex in our games. I mean we have everything else that is explicit but when it comes to sex it's like taboo or something.

Edit: When disagreeing can you PLEASE state why. What part of my comment do you not agree with?

djfullshred3715d ago

Us older gamers still like boobs, just like we did when we were teenagers.

Hellsvacancy3715d ago

I do know wot a sado is maybe its U who doesnt http://www.urbandictionary.... (its the 1st 1)

cmrbe3715d ago

lol!. Your avatar is interesting for someone that don't like this ad. I see your point though but i agree with others that you need to lighten up a bit. Its just an ad. I think its funny.

nycredude3715d ago


Sigh... Urban Dictionary... That explains everything.

Hellsvacancy3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Its not that i dont like the ad i dont hav any feelins either way it CERTAINLY doesnt offend me if thats wot your thinkin its just when i was watchin it (whilst smokin a spliff) i couldnt help but think that its just a little bit sad - maybe 10 years ago when i was 15 i may of been completely different about it but here i am now and im not, bubble 2 u 4 ya time :-)

And as 4 u Nycredude your starin 2 piss me-off so its easier just 2 add u 2 my ignore list

FamilyGuy3715d ago

There is no blood but there IS still gore/limbs/dismemberment

gta28003715d ago

"Seems like some game devs need to grow up a bit."

Yea, they do need to grow up cause video games are are a serious matter to gamers and they're all about maturity./Sarcasm

Poopface the 2nd3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

the limbs can be removed but now they just disappear and dont fall onto the ground and no blood comes out of the wound. It doesnt make any sense to keep the dismemberment but take out the squirting blood and the limbs. The gore isnt needed but it doesnt make much sense to remove it for NG 2 without changing some other aspects. Its kinda dumb to have limbs just disappear into thin air, and its pretty obvious that this wasnt intended for the game originally.

there is no limbs and gore flying. Ive watched alot of videos and where the limbs would fall off in NG 2 they now just disappear instantly after getting hit with a sword in sigma.

I just think for sigma they should have kept all the limbs intact like NG 1 where you could only chop off their heads. Or have The limbs at least fall off onto the ground and then disappear.

I think they are making good additions to the game but I dont think the removal of the limbs makes sense for the game considering it was already made to include a certain level of brutality.

Maybe its just because Ive played A LOT of NG 2 that I really notice the instantly disappearing limbs.

ProperFunked3715d ago

its a japanesse thing. massive tits dont fly for me...soild Cs work for me...anything more and...yeah no good

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RedPawn3716d ago

Old Japanese man FTFW!

Jiggle Billies LMFAO.


nuffin like TIGGOBITTIES to lighten your day !

DaTruth3715d ago

Rose's boobs did that in MGS4 codec video! Shake the controller and watch them go!

Sarcasm3715d ago

LMAO, This might move a few PS3 slims in the process!

thereapersson3715d ago

But I can definitely tell you what's "fat" when playing this game... ;)

Panthers3715d ago

PS3: It Only Does Everything

Sarcasm3715d ago

It's clever marketing at it's finest. If this doesn't sell some copies of NGS2 in Japan than I don't know what will.