x360a: Section 8 Review

x360a writes: "The United States Army used to have "section 8" discharges for those who were deemed mentally unfit for duty. TimeGate's new multiplayer-centric sci-fi shooter borrows its name from this no-longer used regulation. Players will join forces with the United States Imperial Forces 8th Armored Infantry, a group of troopers who complete insane missions that seem impossible, hence they're referred to as "Section 8." Featuring massive battlefields and the ability to spawn into the map from the atmosphere, Section 8 is one of the better multiplayer titles out for the Xbox 360.

Section 8 features a single-player campaign, but it's clearly not what this game is all about. Players take on the role of Alex Corde, a painfully generic space marine with no character development beyond getting promoted after every mission. The story pits the 8th Armored Infantry against a splinter group called the Arm of Orion, but there's little in here to get players to care. Taking all of four or five hours to complete, Section 8's single-players is clearly meant as a training tool to prepare players for the robust multiplayer, and nothing else. Gamers looking for a story-driven experience or a strong single-player aspect should look elsewhere..."

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