Console Monster: WET Review

Console Monster writes: "What would happen if John Woo, Max Payne, Quentin Tarantino and a generic grindhouse director made sweet sweet love? WET would be the ridiculous spawn, combining slow motion killing with a crazy grindhouse feel and some hints of Tarantino influence. This means a lot of blood, a lot of dismembered limbs and a lot of ridiculously out of place punk songs.

You play as Rubi Malone; a foul-mouthed vixen with a love for guns and katanas. She is like a trapeze artist at a circus, but armed with guns and swords and a wide array of curse words. In WET you're thrown into a B-Movie world of hilariously weird villains, drug smuggling, double crossers and Matrix-style action sequences. The story doesn't really progress; instead it smashes through the TV and punches you square in the nose, just so you can get to the next area with some reasoning behind it..."

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