Uncharted 2: Cinemagic

Gasto from TheSixthAxis investigates Uncharted 2's Cinema mode.

"This feature has absolutely astounded me. It's a concept that is new to me. I have not used the Halo version and not being a PC gamer I never experienced it there either. I was honestly blown away in a completely 'noob' kind of way. But I overcame my excitement and started really investigating."

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CharlesDCI3718d ago

I had no idea about this feature. How can this game keep getting better and better??

Cyrax_873718d ago

...don't delete your first Uncharted saves, ND said you can use it to get things early in U2, similar to GT I believe.

Jeff2573718d ago

Do you have a link or anything to prove this? I dont remember hearing about this feature and Ive been following this since it was announced.

Cyrax_873718d ago

Sorry no link, I read it in the Australian Official Playstation Magazine I bought last Sunday. The mag asked ND if they could tell them anything new we don't know, then they mentioned the cinema mode and said keep your Uncharted 1 saves cause you'll get some things carried over into Uncharted 2 (I think it was money or something?).

Jeff2573718d ago

Ok cool. Im hoping they mention that in the upcoming mag that has the review here in the US. anyway I just got my platinum for Uncharted so Im definitely not deleting that save file.

UnSelf3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

i just finished playin the beta for the first time and i feel like crying. this game deserves every inch of hype it gets. honestly i knew this game was goin to be good i never knew it was this good. to me no game is perfect and thats why i avoid hype but this just may be the first perfect game. I was on the fence about whether gettin this or demon souls but that beta kjust confirmed what i needed. not only that but it slapped me for even considering another game.

i aplyed 6 matches and in every match i came in 1st. Its f*ckin over, i always knew i was a crackshot in this game but now its really about time to show ppl. COD has absolutely nothing on this, absolutely nothin

Jmlopezbr3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

That would suck...for me... I played and beat UC1 on a different user because I switched psn s... Guess I will have to beat UC2 on that user too >.<

That reminds me of what Insomniac does for R&Cs

Seven_ate_Nine3718d ago

As long as both users are on you PS3 you can copy the game save to another user.

rockleex3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Well Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are aiming at different audiences.

Me, I'm super excited for both.

But I won't pick up Modern Warfare 2 at full price. I'll most likely buy it used, or wait till the price drops.

F--k Bobby Kotick. <_<

blackpanther253718d ago

that's why when some stupid people on this place was saying that Uncharted 2 wasn't gonna be amazing (even compared to Splinter Cell: Conviction. I said "you obviously didn't play the multiplayer Demo of UC2"

SnuggleBandit3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

This game looks amazing...i'm gonna wait for release and skip the demo so its that much better though...i don't want to spoil the shock factor of the single player campaign

IrishRepublicanArmy3718d ago

i have platinum in uncharted but no longer have the save data!!!!
can it still work or can i copy the save data from a website?

ThanatosDMC3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

THANK YOU! Damn, holy crap! Besides fans... i think, it's also for the devs that Naughty Dog wants to impress. IT CAN ONLY DO EVERYTHING!

Besides gaming, you can also make your own movie. Wow!

1:56 of that youtube links is freakin sweet!

mfwahwah3718d ago


GameFAQS has a Saves section. I just checked Uncharted and their are 3 100% Uncharted save files for NA, as well as some for other regions, but I didn't look at those closely.

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ZBlacktt3718d ago

Hence why many already know this is the GOTY hands down. Good report.

thereapersson3718d ago



Game of the Year right here, folks.

STARS3718d ago

Were you expecting any less of arguably the best PS3 in-house developers out there?

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