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whothedog3710d ago

Is this DLC for COD4? I thought they were making a new game.

Ziggi3710d ago

It does look like COD4 alot but it may have improved engine wise or had a little graphical update. There were many problems with COD4 such as melee lag or an air melee shot which ended up in a kill. We all have to play the game for ourselves to properly judge it.

Edit- Ohh snap i just watched the videos- Looks like Dual Wield will be in multiplayer which means COD Has just become even more noob friendly, get ready for silenced shotguns(lol) and dual wielding spray and prayers! AND a perk allowing increased melee range, are you serious!! NOOOOOOB HEAVEN!

wUTTer3710d ago

Damn this game is so tempting. I wonder how long it will take for someone to take their copy to GameStop. ;D

dgroundwater3710d ago

If you can't see the visual upgrades, go play COD 4 and get your eyes checked. Did you even notice the grenade debris on the player's screen? The physics objects etc are are above COD 4.

JustinSaneV23710d ago

I'm surprised at how quickly GameStop seems to get used copies of brand new games. I don't really see the point in buying a brand new game used though as it's usually AT MOST $5 cheaper than a brand new copy.

Panthers3710d ago

I will probably rent this, get the platinum (as long as there isnt some ridiculous kill number for online) because I am not wanting to own this noob fest of a game. I know I would get bored with it in a week.

My god, increased melee? That is stupid. Knifing was my biggest gripe with the first game.

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Peter North3710d ago

Looks too much like COD4, will purchase this game Used.

JustinSaneV23710d ago

For seeming to not care very much for the game you sure to seem to go out of your way to comment in every Modern Warfare 2 posting out there...

y0haN3710d ago

Silenced SPAS-12 hahaha..

keep it up I-Dub.

cyberwaffles3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

good job IW, i'm liking a lot of stuff you guys have set up in there but still iffy on some things. did anyone see that one perk called Headline where it only takes one less kill to get a kill streak? i thought that was a weird idea for a perk.

other than that, the game is coming along great from the looks of it. the marathon runner, lightweight, and commando sounds like a pain in the ass though.

EDIT: watched some other videos...hella camping.

Ninjamonkey823710d ago

Ziggi makes a few points but at the same time have a look at the current state of the game we play on cod4 when promode etc moves in. Ive been playing clan play from cod1 and ive played for many a good team.

But what i hate is having a game striped a way because of whiners that can't afford a proper pc and people that just don't wanna have fun. I think cod 6 will be amazing stock but ill rethink that when the promode etc hits it.

Shadows turned off details reduced overall gameplay altered. Not my idea of heaven i pay yearly to keep up with the latest PC gear and top GFX and i hate to see it when games get f**ked over.

Blaster_Master3710d ago

Yeah, all that money spent on a pc when you could have just gotten both consoles and not have to worry about upgrading for the next 10 years.

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