Is there a market for a $400 Xbox 360?

TwitchPlay: With the recent news of the Limited Edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360, we had to ask ourselves – is there still a market for a $400 console? The Wii is $250 and will likely soon be $200, the PS3 Slim is just $300, and the arcade version of the Xbox 360 is only $200. Without even mentioning the struggling economy, can Microsoft really expect this $400 Xbox 360 to sell?

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rroded3710d ago

Then again we all know my story but still why buy a 360 at that price when u get so much more out of a ps3 @ 299?

qface643710d ago

there is a market for a 400 dollar 360

that would be the people who wanna/like to blow money away for no reason
there are people like that out there

gamesR4fun3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

so same as ps3 slim and no b/r etc etc

unless your a 360 fanatic why spent more for less?

might b the special edition box with the stupid night googles but still better off buying a ps3 imo.

TheAntiFanboy3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Where there is a rabid OCD-afflicted hardcore gamer frothing at the mouth for all things "limited", there is a market.
<-- Case in point. :D

I currently own two PS3's (1 x Slim, 1 x gun metal gray MGS4 PS3), two 360's (a Pro console from launch and a Halo 3 LE; surprise! the Pro red-ringed), and one sexy shiny black Wii. So yes, this offer is actually very very tempting, especially considering my current working 360 still has a 20GB hard drive and no HDMI.


@qface64: F*CK YEAH!

@gamesR4fun: While the 360 does not come with Blu-Ray, WiFi and free PSN, the PS3 does not come with a second controller, a headset, a copy of Modern Warfare 2, a 3-month subscription to Live, or a unique console design. So it balances out. Kinda.

@rroded: Read above.

All-33710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

The Modern Warfare bundle is a deal compared to buying a standard Elite + an extra ($38) wireless controller + Modern Warfare 2 ($60) for $2 bucks less than you'd pay for the bundle which also includes an extra 130GBs of extra hard drive space and a customized case.

The 160 GB Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Pack as advertised on was $400 - now reduced to $350.

AKNAA3710d ago

"Is a 250GB hard drive, Modern Warfare 2, extra wireless controller, and a new paintjob worth $200 more than the Arcade unit?"

I admit, its a very good deal if you want a 360 and is a fan of modern warfare 2. however, in the perspective of a common consumer, the $400 price tag would seem a little ridiculous considering the fact that the PS3 is at $299 now....

Also, I'm pretty sure a new PS3 slim bundle will be out the same time this one comes out and will be a matter of which package will be more affordable? and judging by sony's trend, their bundle will most likely be no more than $349.00, which adds more pressure on this new 360 limited edition pack.

bratman3710d ago

it is a "limited" edition... so there are going to be people that have loads of money... willing to blow it on anything that sounds remotely cool ( night vision goggles?)

p.s anyone that wants a complimentary episode of The CW's new Vampire Diaries off PSN p.m me (just got a code, but its only for the the american psn)

Saaking3710d ago

The 360 sells based on being the cheapest. Not games, not quality, not brand name, it sells on being cheap. Without that, the 360 won't sell.

SCThor3710d ago

What will happen when this console eventually go rrod and have to replace it? the will give you the same model or a regular color one?

I ask this since MS usually give you back used consoles when you send yours for repair.

Lifendz3710d ago

Wow. There may be but it sure as bleep isn't a market of which I'm a member. I wouldn't buy a 400 dollar xbox for the same reasons I wouldn't buy a 250 dollar Wii.

JsonHenry3710d ago

Not when you can spend another $200 on top of that to build a high end PC that can play (basically) any 360 game with better graphics and the ability to use a keyboard and a mouse.

slayorofgods3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

It appeals only to hardcore gamers. Sure its a nice a bundled pack, but its not going to do anything to stop the momentum that the PS3 is gaining heading into this holiday season. If the PS3 slim continues to "get its foot in the door" like it has been with its pre-holiday season sales it will put itself on the market nicely. All it takes is a successful holiday season to completely change the tide of the console war.

So far Nintendo has won every holiday season this generation, and its not even a next generation system the way a 360 or PS3 are. It is my belief that people are just slow to adapt to one of these systems. Meaning so far they failed to lure people into this generation of gaming.

The PS3 slim is starting to attract new buyers that are still in the PS2/Wii era. This is a smart package (However, so was the 360's price cut last year). I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is a bad time to start these bundles and no there isn't a market for them. Sony and Microsoft should focus on gaining new buyers with ideas like the PS3 slim to increase the demand of their product then put out these packages.

RememberThe3573710d ago

"a unique console design"

Really? That's the best you could come up with? My black PS3 sits on top of my black sound system. I don't want to to stick out like a sore thumb.

But I agree that there is a market. Think about it; it limited, it has a huge(relatively) HDD, and it has MF2. Americans will swallow this up like pudding.

Shepherd 2143710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

no, its not the same as a $299 PS3 slim, because a PS3 slim has a 120gb hard drive, and this $400 Xbox 360 has a 250gb hard drive. So if you get this 360 model, you're paying $100 more than the stand alone PS3 slim for Modern Warfare 2($60), an extra wireless controller($50), 250gb of space instead of the PS3's 120gb hard drive, and a specially painted 360 console. For $400, thats not a bad deal in my opinion.

randomwiz3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

"are still in the PS2/Wii era"

lol, wii era, good one.

I wouldn't say wii era since the wii era is next gen. It makes more sense to say ps2 era/ppl who need to upgrade the wii

Sheikh Yerbouti3710d ago

I've bought a PSP-1000, PSP-1500, and I am buying a PSP-3000 this week...but I still plan to buy a PSP go.

So yeah, there's a market.

slayorofgods3709d ago


The Wii may have been made during the time the 360 /PS3 were made, but from a technology stand point it is made to compete with a PS2. The 360 and PS3 are still way, way behind what the PS2 sales were given the time frame. This shows that people are slow to adapt to next gen. system(PS3 and 360). This is because most people are still content with the still selling PS2 or Wii(who is close to PS2 sales up to this point). Thus we are still in the PS2/Wii era

Arnon3709d ago

You're totally right. That's why the 360 has over 40 games that have sold over 1 million copies, and they have the fastest selling game of all time on their console.

Are you serious? You think people buy a 360 just because it's cheap? Did it ever occur to you that people know about the Xbox 360? It's a mainstream product. When you hear about the 360, you know a few things:

Gears of War
Multiplatform Games
Xbox LIVE Arcade

If there's a console that sells not for it's games, but because of it's price, it would be the PS3. It's exclusive software sales are disturbingly low compared to the competition. That's not saying they don't sell, but when you take a game such as Halo 3, you're able to take the 3 top selling PS3 exclusives, and I STILL don't think they add up to 10.13 million.

Halo 3 - 10.13m
Fable 2 - 3.10m
Gears of War - 5.90m
Gears of War 2 - 5.17m
Call of Duty 4 - 7.74m (4.53m on PS3)
Grand Theft Auto 4 - 7.21m (5.81m on PS3)
BioShock - 2.31m (440,000 on PS3)

You get the point.

NoBias3709d ago

Serious fans of the series could definitely be looking at this (Not I).

I mean, did you see how many people pre-ordered that prestige edition with the Night Vision Goggles? That and this looks cooler than the RE5 all red 360 (I thought that bundle looked hideous :\ ) but that thing was selling pretty nicely too.

Is there a market for a $400 360? No.

Is there a market for a limited edition MW2 360? Yuuuuup...

uxo223709d ago

For the person asking if the limited edition 360 should break would they replace it with a regular 360? How could they, a regular 360 can run a 250 gig HD :)

Just finished ordering mine. Funny thing is, I have a pro with a 120 gig upgrade, I have an original 60 gig PS3, and I have a wii. Now I will also have a 250 gig limited edition MW2 360, wasn't even a difficult decision.

I needed a gaming machine for the bedroom for my lazy days, I was contemplating getting a PS3 slim, and then it happened, I caught word of the MW2 edition. That was all it took, especially since I was already gonna shell out the 60 bucks for the game anyway. So I saw it as getting a 250 gig 360, with extra controller and headset for 339. I already have a mediacenter PC in the bedroom with a built in blu-ray player so, the PS3 slim having a BD drive wasn't a factor in my decision. Plus my house is fully wired for data although I have wireless, none of my gaming machines use wireless.

For those complaining about the economy and money, I totally understand, but right now for me that's not really an issue, I have a great job, a good savings, and I'm pretty well invested for retirement someday. Haha, the funny thing is my girl ordered a 200 pair of shoes at the same time I ordered my 360 and I looked at her like she was a 200 bucks for some shoes are you kidding me? Haha she just looked at me and said "Don't even go there." I could do nothing be smile and STFU, everyone has their pleasure who am I to knock hers right?

BWS19823709d ago

because of the value in the HD space and the fact that I assume it's a guaranteed Jasper unit...Anyone know this? The extra Controller, cool design etc... are great too...just thinking out loud about the "guaranteed Jasper" concept like the RE 5 was, which were ALL Jaspers...when ordering online you don't know what version you're getting, so it's something to think about, since I'm assuming it's Jasper only.

TheAntiFanboy3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

@RememberThe357: If it were "the best I could come up with", then I wouldn't have listed about 5 additional features, would I? Dumbass.

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TheAntiFanboy3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Mispost. Delete this please~!

Sarcasm3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Well either way, it's a better value compared to a regular 360 elite.

The extra controller, extra HDD space, MW2 game, and unique casing makes it rather the best valued 360 ever offered.

The only problem is that it's now $399, so using the same excuse 360 fans have been using, people will impulse buy the cheapest console which is the Arcade.

Oh and I wonder since "Halo" is their precious bread & butter franchise, but didn't get the same treatment this time around with ODST? So much for that theory.

36T3710d ago

Hasn't the ODST bundle been confirmed? I'm sure i read that somewhere this morning. Either way, for me it's now between the MW2 bundle or Forza 3 bundle if they come out with one. Just the 120g HDD alone cost's $160 canadian plus tax last time i checked. Add the extra controller, the game itself, the decal and were talking about an awesome deal. Expensive yes, but worth it if you're planning on upgrading your HDD and buying MW2.

I wonder why i haven't seen a PS3 fanboy list out the individual costs yet, like they normally do to TRY and convince gamers that the PS3 is the better deal. I assume they tried it, saw the savings and deleted their would-be post.

N4GAddict3710d ago

It is a decent deal for those planning to buy mw2 with a XBox 360.

v1c1ous3710d ago

i dont think xbox sales have suddenly dropped to 0, so i assume SoMEONE is still buying them...

Aclay3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

The main people who I think will be going after this 250GB Xbox 360 Modern Warefare 2 bundle are people who already own an Xbox 360 that mainly want it just for the sake of owning the Limited Edition 360 Modern Warefare 2 console.

Most people that are remotely interested in Modern Warefare 2 probably already owns a 360, so I don't really expect this bundle to spark a lot of first time 360 buyers, especially at this price, but it's a pretty cool bundle nonetheless.