Sony And Microsoft Are Keeping PC Gaming From Growing

For a long time PC Gaming was considered the end all top – tier of the gaming world why? because they had the high resolution gameplay, online community, better games and exclusives, along with the ability to consistently upgrade hardware wise which consoles couldn't and still can't.

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Baba19063714d ago

Misa dont care, misa no good PC.

as long as they bring good console games im happy =D.

Cyrax_873714d ago

one of the rare ones where HHG isn't flamebaiting in the title.

jadenkorri3714d ago

too much piracy on pc... a dev will choose ps3/360 over PC nowadays as every game is available day 1 for dl...PS3 so far is anti pirated so far with its games as far as i know....360 there is piracy however is significantly far less compared to PC games.

DelbertGrady3714d ago

His video will leave you wondering what ever happened to the U.S. education system as usual though. I think he saves the juiciest headlines for sundays.

Coming up: "Halo: ODST coming to PS3 in 2010!?!"

AKNAA3714d ago

The only PC game that I have ever paid for and played was
Plants vs. zombies!... Now back to my regularly scheduled console.

Lifendz3714d ago

but PC gaming has a pretty strong base. Seeing L4D on a PC and then on 360 is like night and day. That engine isn't that outdated afterall. And Crysis is so pretty it actually made me stop to admire textures and detail wondering how long until something pretty is on console (then again Killzone 2 is still gorgeous imo).

Syronicus3714d ago

Then build one yourself. It is fun and cool to see a creation of your own working and playing games. Games will always look better on the current hardware for PC's but it is a bit more costly. Int he end however, the games are just as fun to play and the online... it free there too.

3713d ago
dantesparda3713d ago

Hearing how the US schools are no good. It's not that the schools are no good, its that the people who go to these schools are no good. They dont care to pay any attention and all they wanna do is be "street" and im from the streets. The teachers cant do anything against all these wannabe gangbangers

aGameDeveloper3713d ago

I found it interesting that Google offered to translate the article, but then stated it couldn't do it...

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WildArmed3714d ago

Oh, and here i thought piracy was doing that :)

evrfighter3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Piracy is a factor. But if I were to blame anything. It would be DLC.

It's not just pc gaming that's stalled imo. It's gaming in general. Because of DLC and annual releases. A certain FPS shooter is going to break sales records and cost the consumer more money to purchase. your going to probably end up paying the price of another retail game in DLC.

In the end. There really is no major enhancements to the engine. Just features.

Developers are becoming more focused on DLC and that is taking time away from creativity and raising the bar.

WildArmed3714d ago

Back in the days DLC used to be hidden easter eggs that you could unlock.

I dont mind some types of DLC, such as evolving the game (LBP has changed alot since it launched)

Maps are the form of DLC that I dont appreciate.

The game should be the complete package, but some DLC just seems like they took it out of the game for the very reason for it to be DLC.

anywayz, I am not really against DLC. I just have my... issues with it.

LinuxGuru3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

No, these are keeping PC gaming from growing:

- Non-standard hardware
- Non-standard OS
- Cost of continuous Hardware and OS upgrades


It's preposterous to think that two of the world's largest companies (Sony and Microsoft) which also happen to be two of the world's largest investors in PC hardware and software are the ones holding anything back.

It's so plainly obvious that it's ONLY the total and complete openness of the PC platform on the hardware and OS fronts holding itself back.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that it's smaller competing hardware vendors like nVidia and ATI, AMD and Intel that are keeping PC gaming from truly taking a widespread hold as entertainment medium of choice.

As long as we have competing CPU, GPU, and motherboard vendors...PC gaming will be forever doomed to stagnant numbers.

As much as I love PC gaming...I never feel satisfied for the long run, or secure in my purchases, because I always know some awesome critically-acclaimed game will come out the will once again push the envelope because some pretentious developer has a disregard for optimizing a game engine for current-gen hardware, and would rather partner with companies like ATI and nVidia and get sponsorships and add new effects in games that only certain GFX cards can do, luring customers to purchase the latest and greatest hardware to make the game look like it does on the box.

evrfighter3714d ago

That was true during the 3dfx days. PC gaming is pretty much standardized compared to back then.

Steam and Live are pretty much comparable to each other. I don't really like PSN. In fact it sucks.

your only valid argument is cost and even that is being driven into the ground.

I just recently finished a session of RE5 on an AMD Dragon platform and I'm gettin 120+fps with everything maxed out including AA. This hardware platform would cost around 700-800. I mean people who have RROD'd a few times and ended up buying a new 360 could have had a better setup than me.

LinuxGuru3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

The PC platform has in no way been standardized.

Your argument is null and void.

Edit: I repeat, the PC is not standardized on a hardware or OS front. There's not much else I can say to explain myself further.

@ Pope John Paul

Uh, why are you addressing me?

evrfighter3714d ago

so I guess that means you weren't around during the 3dfx era lol.

that or playin your super nintendo.

saint_john_paul_ii3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

"This hardware platform would cost around 700-800."

and a PS3/360 costs $300. and the game play and look great.

you have to be upgrading your hardware at all times if you want to keep games at running at 120fps as the years go by. and thats a 2-3 year cycle.

as for your PSN sucks argument..Well, PSN doesnt impose limits to developers as what XBL does. Not to mention PSN allows modding of games and Sony Encourages it. See Unreal Tournament 3.

in terms of its features for the user, its getting really close there to what XBL offers.

because I'm the Pope.

LinuxGuru3714d ago

Well, you WERE the Pope, until you died.

I believe you meant to address evrfighter, because I said none of the stuff to which you're referring.

Tony P3714d ago

I agree with Linux. There are many many factors.

It's not as cut and dry as MS and Sony holding PC back.

They don't, however, give a crap about PC gaming and they show that often enough. Outside of SOE MMOs, what the heck does Sony do for PC gaming? MS is actually much better with support here. Although they screw us over quite regularly with stuff like Alan Wake and closing down studios which used to develop for PC almost exclusively (Ensemble, ACES).

At the end of the day, they don't care much because they aren't eager to support a platform that isn't making them any money directly like their consoles will.

saint_john_paul_ii3714d ago

yes, i was adressing to evrfighter, since he's an idiot and all.

evrfighter3714d ago

"PSN doesnt impose limits to developers as what XBL does. Not to mention PSN allows modding of games and Sony Encourages it. See Unreal Tournament 3."

I can care less what limits XBL imposes. It's not like I pay for that crap lol. I'm a pc gamer that uses steam more than anything else.

saint_john_paul_ii3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

"I'm a pc gamer that uses steam more than anything else."

Well good for you. its nice for you to confirm to us that you never had a PS3, nor used the PSN in the first place. lol

steam's system is very similar to the PSN. if you have played on both, you would know. but you dont.

SaiyanFury3714d ago

While Linux-Guru's arguments are valid as are others, I love the freedom of PC gaming where I'm free to upgrade my hardware to where I can play games available on consoles on my PC where I can have the same games run in higher resolution with better performance. No doubt that modern consoles have an impact on PC game sales, but having a good PC that can play those games with superior technical aspects applies. He's right that the PC-based gaming area has no standardization, it's completely based on your open PC architecture. Do the HD consoles affect PC game sales? No doubt at all. But with a good PC you can play whatever you want with your own performance choices. Freedom is the name of the game. I can play a game in Windows XP or Windows 7. The name of the game is choice. I have 2 PS3s and an XBox 360. With some games like Oblivion, I'll choose my PC over the consoles every time, simply because I can play the game at a higher resolution with higher antialiasing on my PC.

DeadlyFire3714d ago

PC gaming will always be better. Maybe right now its not perfect, but it has a decent number of exclusives and great games. I still say one thing everyone is missing is the fact that PC games that are built specifically for the PC platform usually last a good while on PC with lots of great games still ticking on from almost 10 years ago with servers. Something A console gamer will not see as console game servers die when Sony or Microsoft kill them. PC is more open. Also something I have noticed on PC platform is server moderation. How many console games online have you played with annoying people on the mic? On the PC there are very few and when there are the admins can shut them up at will or kick them. Not as much crappy DLC to download on the PC either. Its all left open with SDK for users to make their own maps and Mods. Best part of that is its all free. Visuals - PC hands down always on top. Crysis still holds the crown as far as I can see nothing has come close to it. Few pretty console games, but there are numerous little things that are so much better on the PC. As far as standardization goes. A good CPU will last you around 8 years. A good GPU will last you 3-5 years. Yes you might have to turn it back a notch at some point. Its no harm in doing so though and can still run a game greatly. Graphics aren't everything you know. Somewhere along there few small upgrades might be useful, but it doesn't have to be expensive.

Hardware costs? Again? I say its worth it. Playing with a keyboard + mouse is 100 times more enjoyable once you learn the controls and get used to it. You will never want a console controller. There are a few exclusive console games you have to use a controller for, but for the most part many games are better with mouse & keyboard.

Microsoft supporting PC platform? That is funny. Last game Microsoft aimed at the PC market was Age of Empires 3 right? What else has come after that? I believe it was released in 2005. Along with the two expansions that followed. Right now EA does more for PC gaming than Microsoft. Even with exclusives. Sony does release a MMO or two every so many years. More so than Microsoft has done in recent years. I believe Intel will make things shift around a bit with their new API. Could shift a focus around to Mac/PC instead of just PC as their new API supports DirectX 11 and Open GL 3.x. So porting games around on Intel's new API should be really easy. Mac has close ties to Intel as their CPU's are all Intel branded now. :)

DaTruth3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

PC gaming sucks compared to what it could be! For too long now, we've been hearing; "Bu, bu, but, teh Crysis!" Because no other game on PC seriously out does any console game. Farcry 2 sucks on any platform! The PC version of every game has to be downgraded for the 360 version, or worse yet, the multiplatform version.

Whatever you program for the PC, has to be able to run multiplatform at 30fps at 720p; And if that doesn't work, commence with the cutting room floor. 1000 guys fighting on screen doesn't work on multi-consoles at 30fps at 720p, reduce it to 500 and reduce the physics. Doesn't matter if it's 120fps at 1620p, it is still half the game it was! This can't be changed with resolutions or fps because it has to do with level design, some things aren't possible on consoles, no matter what the resolutions and sometimes it is significant to the game.

Developers need to start building games differently, for different platforms; Changing even level design, to suit the strengths of that particular system and only reusing character designs, textures and the basics of a levels design(trees, bridges, dialogue, situations, foreground and background), things that can be changed, just by increasing the resolutions.

Only then, will PC gaming be what it use to be. Hopefully the Cryengine 3, solves this dilemma and other engines in the future, follow suit!

Tony P3713d ago


Pardon, but Sony does not support PC gaming more than MS. That's blatantly untrue. You are referring to games released. I'm talking about actual support.

Sony comes out with a few MMOS every once in a while and that's about as much as it will touch upon PC gaming.

MS delivers on different levels entirely as PC software manufacturer: DirectX, GFWL (despite how much I dislike it), and they made their console quite friendly to PC/360 multiplats which is why there are so many of them. A few MMO games from Sony =/= doing more for PC gaming.

EA, btw, do not make consoles so I don't understand why they're in the conversation.

Persistantthug3713d ago

"Hardware costs? Again? I say its worth it. Playing with a keyboard + mouse is 100 times more enjoyable once you learn the controls and get used to it. You will never want a console controller. There are a few exclusive console games you have to use a controller for, but for the most part many games are better with mouse & keyboard."

That isn't true. Maybe it's true for FPS's and RTS's....and personally, I still am not convinced for FPS.
But assuming that it's true, you still have lots of other genres. Platform...Ratchet and Clank on a keyboard and mouse? Blasphemy. Fighting games on a keyboard and mouse....pfft. NBA 2k series on a keyboards and mouse...please try again. Various other action games..Ninja Gaiden for example, no go.

Keyboard and mouse doesn't seem to be better for most as you try to imply...sorry.

saint_john_paul_ii3713d ago

not all games are built to be used with a mouse and keyboard.

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biosrios3714d ago

yeah, pc gaming is expensive when compared to a $300 console, especially consoles that are slowly becoming more and more pc-like, how ironic. i wonder what doom 4 is going to look like......

learte3714d ago

that may be the problem with PC gaming, the lack of a standard is what really drives it down. because we can't all go chasing every thing we need just to play a really cool game (S.T.A.K.E.R)but console gaming is not that far from achieving that. let's just hope that some PC games make their way to consoles.

Sarcasm3714d ago

"along with the ability to consistently upgrade hardware wise which consoles couldn't and still can't."

That pretty much sums up why people would rather buy a console.