PS3 HOME : The Story So Far

Here is an article regarding PS3 home, and what's happened with HOME since the GDC'07 good read for those wanting to catch up with HOME news, article also links to latest media from the closed Beta.

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spacetoilet4229d ago

Dude, I know your contributing and such, but this guys blog article is not worth a read. It tells us nothing we don't already know.

smeg0rz4229d ago

tbh its a good read as stated by others, and it's a summary for people who dont know whats going on with home... The story title does not say 'NEW HOME INFO' it says 'STORY SO FAR' its not hard to figure out that it's not NEW info about home u prick.

Premonition4229d ago

Good read. Cant wait for july to come around. Im sure that site will crash though :(

tehcellownu4229d ago

JULY OPEN BETA!! still so far away!!


the full release is still far a way

anh_duong4229d ago

not really news. waste of time clinking on link since it doesn't really say anything that you could consider as news.

smeg0rz4229d ago

It's a decent read tbh, why complain,

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The story is too old to be commented.