Kingdom Hearts 3 to be revealed at TGS 07

According to Famitsu, Square Enix plans to reveal the new Kingdom Hearts title at September's Tokyo Game Show.

It's reported that at Square Enix's Party in the Closed Mega Theatre, a video was shown displaying the armored knights from the Kingdom Hearts 2 secret trailer and a message in English reading, "New information is scheduled to be announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2007."

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bootsielon4203d ago

...the next KH is not KH3?

ch_ymh4203d ago

If KH3 was published on PS3 console, i will get it @@

lilwingman4203d ago

The next KH game will most likely not be KH III.

lil bush4203d ago

im not sure, but tgs is sure along way from now......

NoUseMerc4203d ago

I guess its not KH3...just KH or whatever

Basically its the third, well fourth if you count Final Remix, in teh Kingdom Hearts series.