Sony refuses to rule out Australian PlayStation adult content

Sony Australia may allow downloadable adult content on its popular PlayStation 3 console locally as it prepares to launch a local video download service.

Earlier this year, the Japanese adult content provider,, launched a service that provides high-definition pornography to consoles. Users use the PS3's Blu-Ray Live functionality to download and store the movies direct to console.

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Sunny_D3710d ago

Why is it always Australia when it comes to censorship?

Rambles3710d ago

Censorship has its place. We can't let everyone in society have access to everything that's out there, because there's some crazy stuff out there.

PinkUni3710d ago

like the truth

cant let that sh!t leak out can we?

Syronicus3710d ago

Ahhh... Spoken like a true communist. Sorry, but comments like that are not even worthy of the "open zone".

SaiyanFury3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Censorship has it's place where a very liberal government opposed to freedom of expression is present. Should we shield our children from adult content? Of course. I wouldn't expose my kids to adult games, but it's up to us people. I don't need the government to shield my kids from content, it's up to me as a parent. Liberals always claim it's "for the children" when their censorship campaigns hit. No thanks, I don't need government to censor games for me. It's up to me as an individual to shield my kids against games that are meant for adults.

rockleex3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )




The truth is out there....

On Topic:

Are they talking about pornography? Or just mature rated content?

xTruthx3710d ago

Bubbles for you SaiyanFury

AssassinHD3710d ago

I for one am adamantly opposed to censorship in any form. I am an adult and I do not need my government acting as an over-protective mother to me. If I do not want my children exposed to certain content, then I, and the parent, will take the appropriate steps to restrict access to that content. I don't need the government making my parental decisions for me.


We are at XXI century, 'till when will parents promote the white stork?

Now seriously, I'm all up to give your child as much info you can. There is a real world out there that, if aware of, your child will have better chances to deal with.

I'm not saying feed porn and violence to your kids so the little brat sh*t its pants, have nightmares and stop asking stupid questions while you want to plat GT or Halo... OK just a bit. (joking)

All I say is to hell with old concepts and morality. No one need moral if able to think for itself and discern between right and wrong from why he can or can't act in some way and to flex it aroun any situation, better than giving your son the list of rights and wrongs.

If they are so preoccupied to learn what it is, let the kids watch and see it's not really some otherworld thing, with the right instruction (don't just throw the film there, you should inform the kid before of what will happen, physiologicly and emotionally), so you also throw in the consequences (again, don't only talk about pregnancy and STDs but about feeling attached to someone and potential to get hurt). They will deal much more naturally with sex and you won't get a teenager perv son or a 16 year old soon to be mother doughter.

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Could you please leave out all this rubbish from the PLAYSTATION brand.

It's a PLAYSTATION remember Sony?

cmrbe3710d ago

Playstation 3, It only does everything.

Rambles3710d ago

I don't like this idea at all. Kids will always find a way to break into the porn, no matter what parental 'controls' you put on it.

When I was a kid, the worst I could break into on the TV if I cracked the code was some topless ads. I would hate to ever think that a young kid could be playing around and suddenly find 160GB of hardcore, HD porn.

Seriously, we've got Internet, DVD, VHS, magazine and phone porn - what kind of sicko needs "Playstation" porn???

rockleex3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Use the PS3's internet browser to stream porn online.

Not to mention, they already have PC's for that.

No kid will have the money or credit card to buy/rent HD porn from the PSN(if they offer it).

That's too much hassle for them to go through. They'd rather just stream from porn websites for free.

grumpysmurf3710d ago

I dunno. 'PlayStation' sounds pretty raunchy to me...

cmrbe3710d ago

you dirty minded perv smurf.

WildArmed3710d ago

lmfao. thats what i though after i read the title of the article..
Play..station.. rawr!

rockleex3710d ago

It only "does" everything.

Luckily, it doesn't do everyone... or does it? >_<

qface643710d ago

someone please help me out here because im a little confused

this whole playstation 3 and adult videos thing i don't get it will the videos be available directly from the ps3? or will it be through the ps3's internet browser

im lost

Shendow3710d ago

Watch porn like tv, that is pretty much it. Kind like how you can download music videos but not all can do it (Mostly UK an some other places) but yeah.

So far what I watch from the UK videos, it is just watching a tv show from your PS3 and their will be more to come world wide.

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The story is too old to be commented.