Namco working on new Ace Combat game(s)?

Earlier this week, though, Namco Bandai Games trademarked what may be subtitles for a new Ace Combat game. The Japanese publisher filed patents for the titles "Skies of Fury" and "Skies of Hostility". This would lend further credence to rumors that hit in March that a new Ace Combat game was being developed for PS3, after Namco posted a job listing looking for artists that could craft models and textures for an airplane game.

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shadowfox3713d ago

HAWX was alright, but for me, only Ace Combat truly captures that epic Top Gun feel. I hope one is the subtitle for a PS3 port of Ace Combat 6 and the other is the subtitle of the new game(I don't care if it's multiplatform or not).

Snoogins3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I concur, Ace Combat is as good as it gets when it comes to console flight simulation. I would love to see the series finally make its debut on the PlayStation 3, especially with a graphics engine optimized for the CELL if made exclusive. These names could be for both a PSP and PS3 game with interconnectivity. However, it is NamBan, so It wouldn't surprise (or disappoint) if it turns out to be PS3/360.

Maybe we'll hear about it at TGS?

devilhunterx3713d ago

Dont care about the game, but i LOVE the trailers. The story telling, the music, the pacing. AMAZING!

gauntletpython3713d ago

Best mission ever: Mission 8 - Shattered Skies in Ace Combat 4. I remember you start fighting, then the Yellows come and start shooting all your allies down, everyone's like 'OH CRAP WE CAN'T WIN!". The I shot one of them down and rallied the whole team to win the mission. EPIC!