Microsoft's New Zune: A Good Gaming Device?

Business Week writes:

"For the past three years, Microsoft's Zune has chased Apple's iPod. It has been a hopeless race in which the Zune, despite an attractive design, aggressive pricing, and a decent music service, has never won more than a minuscule share of the market. Microsoft, nothing if not persistent, is hoping to change the game with its newest Zune by exploiting links to the one big success story from its Mobile & Entertainment Devices group: the Xbox.

You share downloaded movies and TV shows between the Zune and the Xbox, but more important, the new Zune HD could be a game machine. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for Microsoft and its partners to provide some actual games and other applications before we can judge the potential of the excellent hardware."

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KionicWarlord2223711d ago

I hope Microsoft adds indie games to the zune hd .

TheAntiFanboy3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

They are. They recently announced that they're adding support for the Zune HD to the XNA development tools, so expect to see a ton of indie content on the Zune HD.

N4G king3711d ago

that would be funny

Microsoft always makes fun of the iphone and ipod touch and the apps etc.

but if they did
that would be a clear rip-off

SaberEdge3710d ago

I am getting a Zune HD. I like it better than the iPod Touch, and it is cheaper too!

militant073710d ago

the ZUNE was out long long time ago though ,
im surprised you guyz dunno

JokesOnYou3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

So far I really like it, there are already a few game apps you can download when you sync it the first time, my favorite is Space Battle2, its pretty cool for a handheld, I expect there will be plenty of fun gaming and non-gaming apps but I don't think gaming can really be that great on a touch screen(it lets you use tilt controls too). Yeah its definitely worth the money, much better than itouch imo.


edit for some reason this site won't let me attach images right now

militant073710d ago


my bad i meant Zune SDK

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ZombieAutopsy3711d ago

ha it's so true its funny.

SaberEdge3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Yes, that's a great reason to own something... "but neighbor owns one, so it must be good". Puhlease.

You guys are such followers. I'm getting a Zune HD because it has a better feature set than the iPod and happens to cost less. I couldn't care less what other people own.

ZombieAutopsy3710d ago

all the clip really said was iPod is more popular than Zune. I personally wouldnt buy either and the whole followers comment you made i find funny considering no one said they owned or was planning on owning either.

fezthabest3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Just because I have an Ipod Touch doesn't mean that I'm a follower, it also doesn't mean I care about what other people think.

That's like saying your getting the Zune HD because it's the underdog, or because your a rebel.

Edit: I didn't click the disagree button

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NaiNaiNai3711d ago

I'm not buying it for the games. I'm buying it for the crisp look and the amazing audio playback.

N4XBOXG3710d ago

Nai, your buying it because MS said you would get a reach around tonight if you i right???????

NaiNaiNai3710d ago

No I'm buying it because my sony walkman 8GB is getting rather old. and I want something with touchscreen.

I don't like ipods, because they break on me to often. and The Zune just looks wicked. I had a 8GB zune but someone stole it from me, thats why I got the walkman, its good, but Zune HD with video,audio, playback will be better for me.

maybe not for you, but for me its darn near perfect.

NexGen3710d ago

I agree. This will be as much of a gaming device as the iTouch.

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