Trailers from Square Enix Party

Straight from the Square Enix Party at the Closed Mega Theatre in Japan, video have surfaced of the trailers shown to the exclusive attendees playing on two massive screens in the background but instead of trying to attend the event, PSU has them for your viewing pleasure.

Trailers include:
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (Blu-Ray)
Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
Final Fantasy XIII: Agito (Mobile)
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)

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PhinneousD4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

i'm more looking forward to last remnant more so than the any of the ff, it's just getting too predictable. i guess i out grew it in high school and just want something totally different and fresh.

square does know how to make mulah outta milking this series like no other. good for them.

Shadow Flare4482d ago

how as soon as the Final Fantasy VII: Crisi Core trailer came on, everyone stopped walking past the camera and they all watched the trailer?

FFVII: Crisis Core
FFVII: Advent Children Complete
FFXIII are the games i can't wait for

I find it strange how every single video clip for FFXIII looks like CGI footage...but, could the game actually look that good?

nice_cuppa4482d ago

and advent children complete is a movie isnt it ???

btkadams4482d ago

god i hope that isnt cg. if it isnt cg ff13 and ffversus13 will be the amazing

StateofMind4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

It's all real. Here's proof:

elliot_4482d ago

oh....i want to see that trailers:(

Cartesian3D4482d ago

Im sure.. both FF13 and FF verSuS 13 ( i love its NAME ) will be 2 HUGE titles in history...

and I know SE will show big improvments in Graphics and some innovation in RPG games... and versus will be Kick as$ in Action genre

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The story is too old to be commented.