PSXE: NHL 10 Review

EA's NHL franchise has been around for almost as long as the Madden franchise, which means they've had many years to refine and hone the simulated feel of hockey with the added benefit of tremendously enhanced hardware. As we progress through this generation, gamers are looking for more significant alterations to each year's sports installments and while NHL 10 doesn't appear to be much different than NHL 09 on the surface, you will quickly recognize and appreciate the variety of upgrades and enhancements sprinkled throughout this new production. Perhaps the best part is that these enhancements are not focused on the graphics and sound; the positive alterations revolve around the gameplay and overall player customization and freedom, which should satisfy the hardcore fans. With everything from classic and old-school control schemes to the all-new Style selections that change the speed, pacing and depth of the gameplay, NHL 10 is a very strong effort.

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