Bone-idle : Uncharted 2 Preview. The Perfect Game ?

Bone-idle writes : "The perfect game ? ....By God they may have just gone and done it!!
Uncharted was a well received game it blended action adventure and puzzle solving with a slice of excellent good old fashioned story telling. The game was a breath of fresh air but it was left wanting due to its short length and lack of online features. We are used to short games on the next Gen machines now as the online aspect to console gaming gives months of extra life to titles. Naughty Dog took this on board and when they announced details of Uncharted 2 one big surprise was the inclusion of a multiplayer aspect.

As the screen shots and video's started to appear people started to realise the multiplayer angle to the game wasn't just an after thought tacked onto the game without much thought. This time the multiplayer side was going to be a huge feature and that this wasn't going to be just any old exclusive title".

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Christopher_Walken3715d ago

I don't think it is possible for any game to be perfect because it won't always appeal to everybody. That doesn't take away from the fact that UC2 is going to be a great game though.

It's my most looked forward to game of the year.

WildArmed3715d ago

Agreed. It might be perfect to one person, but greatly flawed to the next.

Beauty isnt the same thing for everyone. Same goes for perfection.
I cant wait to get my hands on uncharted :)

Cwalat3715d ago

It's looking to be like the most "perfect" game yet, yes, but i'm pretty confident that Uncharted 3 will top it just like Uncharted 2 tops Uncharted 1. And who knows, maybe other devs will take advantage of future consoles exlusively just like NaughtyGods are and create a never before experienced WOW-gasm.

What did you guys expect?

NaughtyGods is a title well deserved, no other development team should have "God" inside. Only NaughtyGods deserve it.

Agree if you think these are the only developers deserving of such a great title.

FlatulentGhost3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Just look at the definition of 'pefect game' from


perfect game - 3 dictionary results

perfect game

1. a baseball game in which the same player pitches throughout the full game without allowing any player of the opposing team to reach first base by a base hit, base on balls, error, or any other means. Compare no-hitter.

2. a game in bowling of 12 consecutive strikes.

3. Uncharted 2 - a PS3 exclusive game release in October 2009


Christopher_Walken3715d ago

NaughtyDog has really stepped up their game with this title. Hopefully they don't fall into a Halo routine and just start shelling out copies of the game.

I don't think they will though. We are always in dire need of a PS3 Jak game.

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3715d ago
BoneIdle3715d ago

But i have a feeling this game will recieve a good few top marks in reviews. Perhaps perfect for its genre would be a better description.

I cant wait either :) Roll on October

cmrbe3715d ago

Hot fave for GOTY 09.

BoneIdle3715d ago

modern warfare 2 as well

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