Resident Evil to follow the path of Silent Hill?

Takeuchi further elaborated that "[Kawata and I] are playing blackjack to see who has the responsibility of next episode of series," suggesting that the series might see a different producer...

(If you know the Silent hill series, then you should be aware that its had alot of changes that the fans had mixed feelings about. The new Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is to reset what you know about the series, and re-introduce it as a whole new series. Resident Evil went from survival horror - to an awkward yet amazing action series. Should Resident Evil return to its roots of survival horror? If so what should they do?)

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Envy274256d ago

The series deserves to be reinvented!
Thats just me though, being a fan of the first 3.
Maybe they could retell the story... idk...

N4G king4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

"Resident Evil to follow the path of Silent Hill?"

just give me my old school zombie
and put my back in Raccoon City
and give me back the old camera view
and i'll be happy

i 100% agree

+ yah i know
i really miss it
i mean RE is nothing with out Raccoon City
just let them make somthing up
make a story about other PPL in Raccoon City or something (before it got blown up)

Whitefox7894256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

There are still moments in the first three that made me jump out of my seat. People say they don't like the camera well I disagree having a camera change positions makes you wonder whats at the the next screen be zombies, lickers, hunters, nemesis whatever.

Another thing they need is the good old puzzles. RE 4 had puzzles that were too easy, RE 5 had one section with puzzles that was so easy you could probably do it blind folded (lol jk). Silent Hill series had always have good puzzles at least the first 4 especially in number 4 where to get to the next section of the world I was in the hole I had to look out of my apartment window and look at a billboard with a phone number on it then dial that number or the third one which was a code based on the date Shakespeare plays were created. I remember in the first RE (remake) I had to look at a box and solve it like a rubix cube to get the key that was inside it.

@N4G King
But don't you remember? Raccoon City got blown up..... :'(

Panthers4256d ago

Raccoon City was blown up :(

But I miss difficult puzzles, small hallways with dim lighting, and things busting through windows with no warning. I want horror back in survival horror.

DevilVergilX4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Man i wish we had the old RE back... I want the old survivor horror feeling back again. And I loved all the puzzle in the first 3. God I wish they made good remakes of 2 and 3 just like they did with 1... And I HATED RE5 for killing Chris and Jill character... man I miss jill in her blue tank top and black shirt...

ceedubya94256d ago

an Outbreak type series of game with better online play. This gen is perfect for good multiplayer Resident Evil, with zombies of course.

But yeah, I think it would be a good balance to add some of the the things that work well in the newer titles and bring back the old atmosphere and zombies.

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Unicron4256d ago

RE5 was terribly disappointing. Dead Space was what I expected from the RE franchise. Hopefully the next one gets things back on track.

ThanatosDMC4256d ago

Completely agree! Also, it wouldnt hurt to have freaks like those leakers or necromorph like enemies instead of those human like enemies on RE5. It worked on RE4 but RE5, it just became ridiculous.

It's still not too late for them to change enemies into monsters freak mutations since they could just say an Auroboros(sp?) rocket that was a backup one fired at some country and the virus/mutation spread. Let the enemies be freaks of nature instead of rifle, spear, arrow, or rpg wielding enemies. The need to learn from Dead Space.

Heck Dead Space did a great job with inventory. They really F-ed up the Leon's Briefcase idea.

Kenshinhimurasz4256d ago

All i want are Zombies and for this game to scare the crap out of me. I Agree Dead Space was so much better then RE5... They should rethink what they have made RE into, action game? now comon... we liked it the way it was RE2 was the best IMO 1 game with two separate stories that connect and when reversed creates am alternative story, awesome game. Now look at RE5 co-op?? retarded AI? No Zombies? Levels/Chapters? where is the in dept story? The RE anime movie was better then RE5. Well that's all I wanted to say.

leftbehindxp4256d ago

I agree about the suitcase, loved that and was disappointed when that wasn't there in 5. But how would they had implemented that in 5 though when the game-play was all about co-op? I'm sure they could have by pausing the screen or something of the sort, but I wouldn't think that would be effective since the game-play was fast (enemies keep appearing) and perhaps slow down the co-op. For example, what if someone dies while looking through the briefcase (if you had to "pause")? How would they played that out effectively vs. just using the d-pad item inventory while the game-play was actually going on? I wouldn't really want to go in my briefcase while the game continued, and then find out I died while pausing the game.

ThanatosDMC4256d ago

They dont have to pause that's why i wrote about Dead Space's inventory and how it was done.

leftbehindxp4255d ago

Whoops, my bad. Totally misread that.

Have to agree with you though on the inventory and monsters with Dead Space, but I would want more than four weapons though.

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frnkyl4256d ago

I actually think if they REmade the 1st one again, but keep the over-the-shoulder camera, then it would be a lot scarier since you can't see what's behind you unlike RE 1-3.

leftbehindxp4256d ago

I personally love the original 3, and the Resident Evil remake has to be in my top 3 games. I'm on the side of going back to the roots, but why don't they just do both? We all know that 4 and 5 were profitable for them, so I don't think that dropping that game style would be a smart move. But there seems to be a strong fan base for the original setup with the camera overview and other factors. I think that if they actually remade 2 (especially do to it's popularity) and 3 then it would please that strong fan base, and as well be awesome. I'm not saying to combine the two styles, which would be interesting, but just make different games with one of those styles at a time.

bigboss9114256d ago

I loved every Re game, except survivor and outbreak games. The only problem i had with 5 was the fact we were promised fast enemies. they ran for two seconds and then started walking again.... You know that game would have been 100x better if they behaved like the zombies from Dawn of the Dead remake. Thats what i want. As classic as the slow zombies are, they would not work now. In the old days you couldnt shoot them in the head. The character aimed around the chest area. With the way the games are now it would be super easy to spam headshots, making the game super easy. The new creatures dont go down with headshots because of the creature in them keeping them alive. Make them fast, smarter, triple the number of them coming at you, make it dark, cramped, and creepy and you got a awesome sequel.

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