Why Kurt Cobain and corpoate guitar video games don't mix

How Kurt Cobain's views on music and the industry relate to the Guitar Hero/Rock Band phenomenon.

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gamesR4fun3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

ooops wrong song

still what else u gonna call it? The man hated the system saw it for what it was and denounced it.. now hes the cover boy for Activision dude must be rollin in his grave sigh

ps 4 shame on the drug addicted judas who sold him out

Hallucinate3709d ago

no such thing as ps 4 you jack @ss

gamesR4fun3709d ago

lol 2 seconds on yur comments page shows the perfect image of another angry dweeb. You'll lash out at anything for jus bout any reason a real troll.

Well to each their own
ignored n ill take a bub the less u get the say the better off we are.