NHL 10 - PS3 Score Change (Gamespot)

Not sure if you noticed, but last night we posted our reviews of NHL 10 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with scores of 8.5 and 8.0, respectively. The difference between the two games was that, based on time spent with retail copies on retail servers, the online multiplayer was silky smooth on the X360 but very laggy on the PS3. That was accurate at 9:42pm last night when the review was posted but, increasingly, it seems that any review we post is in danger of being rendered inaccurate or out-of-date within weeks, days, or on this occasion hours of it going up on the site.

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euchreprof5130d ago (Edited 5130d ago )

This is the only possible reason for them to finally tell the truth and forgo PS3 FAT HATE (from Day 1).

MAR-TYR-DOM5130d ago

i still dont get how NHL10 got rated 8 - 8.5 Not enough new features? What did gears 2 bring that gears 1 didn't have?

IMO these "American" journalists just hate the fact that a Canadian dev team makes the best sports game which also happens to be loved by Canadians, they love Hating on NHL and hockey.

ZBlacktt5130d ago (Edited 5130d ago )


Bro, I hear ya and I'll just say. Take these reviews with a grain of salt. They are just a small heads up of what the person doing the review feels about the game. Not everyone in general. We all know at the end of the day. No one touches EA when it comes to sports games. That's just the bottom line, well all but SCE Studios MLB 09 The Show. Let the game settle in and you see more reviews posted by others. The game is very good and has many improvements based on what I read thus far..

JackBNimble5130d ago

I think GS is getting ready for the M$ big crash.

vhero5130d ago

Hmm makes you think of how many times this "mistake" has happened before for PS3 eh?

creatchee5130d ago (Edited 5130d ago )

What you mean like when it happened in 2006 - errrrr - 2007 - errrrr - 2008 - errrrr - 2009 - errrrr - whenever Sony has an exclusive come out - errrrr - when Home came out errrrr...

Face it - none of the 3 consoles are going anywhere. They all have way too much of a market share to be rendered as non-factors. And why would we want them to be - competition makes things better for us gamers. The only people who want to see one system or the other fail are fanboys, simply because they are too short-sighted and idiotic to see the bigger picture.

On topic - I never liked it when reviewers gave different marks between two systems solely on the basis of online play (unless they review it a month or two after a game comes out, which is basically useless at that point). When reviewers get a game, bugs are still being polished, the servers (if applicable) aren't operating at normal capacity, and basically everything that goes along with the launch of a new game. Granted, the 360 versions are typically better out of the box online-wise, but PS3 games do get back to the level of those 360 counterparts eventually.

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Sunny_D5130d ago

Cool, cool. But, I still disapprove of Gamespot's decision to fire a reviewer for giving his honest opinion on Kane and Lynch. Sigh. Whatever.

patterson5130d ago

Kudos to Gamespot for doing the right thing.

topdawg1225130d ago

They should rate the online portion after it hits shelves or find out from the developers about the online status before even doin the review.

chisox1005130d ago

NHL 09 was better on ps3 because you can have 6 players offline i did that at a party once and it was epicsauce

Dutch Boogie5130d ago

hmm funny how gears 2 multiplayer never received a score deduction for being the buggiest crap in the history console gaming lol. American journos are funny.

Unicron5130d ago

Shhhhhh.... you can't battle with name brand marketing power silly.

rhood0225130d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking.

It was pretty much acknowledged by the gaming public and press that Gears 2 multiplayer had some serious issues. I mean, it was patched how many times after release?

Considering it's a rather large component of the game, the hiccups of this mode definitely didn't reflect it in the reviews. But I guess multiplayer issues don't count when reviewing some games.

Except when it does with regards to others.

Bathyj5130d ago

Arent games like Gears, Halo and CoD bought mainly for the multiplayer?

If it is indeed a buggy mess why aren't they marked down.

And on the flip side of that why is a game like Resistance 2 given no credit or marked up for having a 60 player game that runs better than a 5 on 5?

If so much importance is going to be place on the online component, why the double standard?

Arnon5130d ago

This is coming from someone who is a die-hard PS3 fan, correct? I'm quite sure SOCOM: Confrontation takes that award.

Bathyj5130d ago

Im pretty sure Socom got marked down plenty for its bugs.

Point proven.

topdawg1225130d ago

Yeah this seems pretty shady to me, gamespot should know better

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