Craigslist Lotharios looking for PlayStation Home rendezvous

Joystiq: There, shining like a beacon of justice atop Mt. Craigslist, we saw it. Two men from the Washington D.C. area had poured their hearts out on a digital classified ad, looking for women tailored specifically to their carnal needs.

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Alone With You, Home Could ‘Totally’ Receive Nintendo Switch Ports

Benjamin Rivers has suggested that it is “totally possible” for two of his titles — Alone With You and Home — to be ported to Nintendo Switch.

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So, I Finally Played Home

I recently published an article about beating my Steam backlog by getting organised and the first game I’ve completed with this new approach is Home.

I chose Home not because of its production values or reviews, but because, well, it’s short. I needed a game to start my new approach on the right foot and read that Home takes less than two hours to beat.

Whatever my reasons for finally installing Home, I found it to be an enjoyable yet flawed title.

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PS Vita New Releases February 2018

Handheld Players takes a look at the PS Vita new releases in February 2018.

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Good to see the Vita alive and kicking. :D

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