Shadow Complex Cheaters Targeted For Bans, Gamerscore Wipes

Chair Entertainment may approve of players sequence-breaking Shadow Complex, but it does not condone cheaters who "compromise our game." Microsoft's Xbox Live team will be going after dishonest Shadow Complex players, banning them from leaderboards and deleting their Gamerscores.

An official statement from Chair and the Xbox Live team sternly warns verified Shadow Complex cheaters that punishment is incoming. Beyond leaderboard deletion, that means a Gamerscore reset across all games and a public outing as a cheater on and the Xbox 360 dashboard.

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3709d ago
WildArmed3709d ago

its good to see stricter moderation.

Playing COD4 on mi ps3 still bites me in the ass everytime.

too many dmn hackers/cheater these days.

no skills, so they gotta ruin the fun eh?