Halo 3 ODST: To Buy or Not to Buy

Microsoft and Bungie's upcoming game, Halo 3 ODST, is set to release September 22. The game is already surrounded in hype, after all it is a Halo game; however, there has been a growing debate about whether or not the game is truly worth the $59.99 that Microsoft is charging for it.

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meepmoopmeep3714d ago

like i've said,

there should be 2 packages.

1 for people who don't already have the maps.
2 for people who already do for a lower price.

Saaking3714d ago

Should be at most 39.99 in my opinion. Doesn't offer much and uses an outdated engine.

militant073714d ago

even if it priced at 40$ you will still find a way and excuse to hate the game and bash it sooooo typical of you

xenogamer3714d ago

and im mostly a OLD school RPG gamer, but i digg the Halo universe, and i still think the price should be cheaper, the multiplayer is from halo 3, so is this engine, if odst is worth 60 dollars wouldnt that mean that halo 3 with its updated engine, a whole new multiplayer experience, and a full campaign should have been like 80 or 90 dollars? But im still buying it because i love the universe add me on live!!

kalebgray923714d ago

im getting tired of "is it worth it" articles

Godmars2903714d ago

If ti wasn't for the fact that the price got jacked up from its first unofficial quote we wouldn't be having this conversation.

HolyOrangeCows3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

*6 hour campaign (And 4 hours without exploration)
*Recycled Halo 3 MP
*One new mode

Doesn't sound like a $60 package to me.

Agreed with Godmars290.

Blaze9293714d ago

so what is this, like the 100th anti-buy Halo 3 ODST submission? "Everyone" scared of a game to guarantee sell millions quickly so trying to divert buyers? Maybe that 1.5 million pre-order news started this again. sad

HolyOrangeCows3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

It's two different writers.

And if you know what Associated Content IS, you will know that is extremely significant.

Bereaver3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Jeeze, way to put your words in other peoples mouths.

I don't think half the people today would complain if the game was cheaper.

What people are mostly complaining about is the lack of development costs for ODST.

ODST will sell, but the most important thing to understand is, it's going to be almost pure profit. Profit for Bungie but more importantly, profit for MS. And why does MS need profit? RROD secured a large sum of their xbox debt.

In the end, all of those *free* replacements and fixes through the extended warranty are being paid for by....... You!

*clap your hands, and stomp your feet, Microsoft is making you pay for all the beef!*

Sarcasm3714d ago

I don't know about Associated Content, but this is like they're 3rd article on Halo ODST. They're like a mirror concept of Cnet with their anti-PS3 Slim campaign.

Bnet3433713d ago

If you do not think it's worth $60, then wait for a price drop. Plain and simple. Stop submitting articles about the same thing.

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jessupj3713d ago

Regardless of how much of a sony head you are of how much you think halo is completely overated you can't deny that this game is going to sell. And it's going to sell a lot. We all know this. But is that because it's an amazing game that's going to set a knew benchmark in FPSs or is it going to sell simply because it has the name 'halo' in the title?

My guess is a lot of those sales are going to be simply because of the name halo. I'm not saying ODST will be bad by any means, on the contrary, I believe halo fans are going to love this new installment. I haven't even played halo 3 so I'm definitely not one to judge, but I do believe it will have a lot of sales just because it's a halo game. As the article says "it is a halo game after all".

Also, not trying to be a fanboy, but you have to note there hasn't been an AAA exclusive title released on the 360 for some time so of course 360 gamers are going to shove this down their own throats since they haven't had anything of the same calibre for a while.

(on a side note, I have the demon's souls platnium trophy /flex)

KionicWarlord2223714d ago

7 days lefted .

Still haven't seen what event Microsoft has planned for odst .

GiantEnemyCrab3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Yup, will probably be picking it up first day. I don't own any of the MP maps so this will be just fine at $60.

I can't wait to dual wield! Oh wait, you can't but Associated Content said they played it and you could because they are liars.

meepmoopmeep3714d ago

it is worth $60 if you don't have the maps crabby,

i don't know how those who already do, don't think they should have an option for a cheaper one

GiantEnemyCrab3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

They should at least offer up the single player game on XBL. I agree.

I think they will after they've sold all they can at retail.


Oh yeah, I saw that. So did you manage to score 1 at all? I was too late when I actually saw the post to even try. Co-Op should be a blast!

@don: a bunch of them are free but it will be nice to have them all in one collection on one disc. 3 hours now? haha It was 5-8 then it was 8-12 now down to 3. :/ Oh and Halo Reach beta is a nice bonus.

meepmoopmeep3714d ago

yeah, for me and you who don't have the maps it's a great deal,

my friend will be playing it with me on co-op that's for sure.
i tried to get an Elite for $99 last night for him but they sold out.

DonCorneo3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

if you own halo 3 you would have probably downloaded the map (most of them are now free btw)

they should offer the single player as a DLC for $10. it's just a 3 hour campaign and probably the file would be just 800MB.

ratchet and clank: Q4B was 6 hours long and priced at $15..

xenogamer3714d ago

Ill me there at MIDNIGHT!!

Sarcasm3714d ago

Isn't the map packs also on a second disc? They could have easily sold it in two different SKUs. But nope, you HAVE to buy it for the full blown $60 even if you already have most of the map packs.

Bnet3433713d ago

I have all the maps and I'm still getting this. To me, Firefight and Halo Reach beta sold me. That and I think Bungie deserve it. They make great games, no doubt about it and I support them. I will say though, I managed to shop around online and get the game at $50, not $60.

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Sunny_D3714d ago

Yes, 64/100. The first review for the game.

gambare3714d ago

54.2% agreed that 64/100 is a magic number... wow... the glitchbox is all maths

Pandamobile3714d ago

Where is that first review?

3714d ago
shutupandplay3714d ago

"The dual-wielding is there"

The guy didn`t even play it. Nice try ps3 fans, your desperation is showing.

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deadreckoning6663714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Question: Why do PS3 fanboys comment on xbox articles more than people who ACTUALLY own 360? Insecurity much???

Nope, I have both now. My cousin gave me his Pro, srry suunyd :) Its so cool, now I can talk crap about both!!

Sunny_D3714d ago

Its funny, you're commenting yourself on an xbox article considering you only have an PS3.

Tinted Eyes3714d ago

lol Have you been on N4G today? Them flooding GT related articles? You seem to only notice when its in your favor. :)