A Look At PlayStation 3 Ads Through The Years

Koku Gamer writes: "With Sony announcing a new PS3, surly Sony have to have a great marketing campaign for it right?

Through the last 3 years, Sony has been making less then stellar ads with people always complaining that the messages don't get through. Lets take a look at those ads:"

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PshycoNinja3714d ago

gave me nightmires lol.

Another thing Sony is doing right this year. I agree with the author they are doing a good job this time around with their ads.

Hagaf223714d ago

not being a fanboy or anything, but i have always loved the style of playstations ads, these newest sales ones get away from the style, and go more for comedy which isnt bad either. i love the new one where he has the guys family playing the ps3, so great. i wonder why microsoft doesnt do more for ads? they tend to stick with the game commercials, but i guess they are complaining either.

Ziriux3714d ago

Yea the Xbox 360 ads, aren't as strong, but they mostly do focus on game ads more than anything, the recent Halo ODST ad was unlike any other, seemed like a full budged movie.

PshycoNinja3714d ago

Universe of Entertainment commercials too because of the style, but I love the comedy ones, esspesialy the girlfriend and the family ones. I lol'ed when that guy had the other guys family in the office with the playStation 3 and he was like " oooohhh scrapy likes you (snickers)". Gets me everytime.

evrfighter3714d ago

They definately hit a low point until just recently.

The newer ones seem enough to just get by. But it's good to see that they are trying.

jadenkorri3714d ago

want a ps9... my fav add the internet were its not hooked up, this ain't that one..

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Funqy3714d ago

Playstation has definitly evolved over the years, with system upgrades and different looks, it's always had a variety in it's style

Ziriux3714d ago

Some times not putting too much into an ad can work. PS has had the most favorable ads out of all consoles in the recent history and they know how to adjust to the market.

cmrbe3714d ago

Wow!!!. Didn't know they exist lol!.

On a serious note. The Universe of Entertainment (ladies and gents) is their best ad. I hope Sony will update it and run it for hardcore gamers. Most ads out now seem to be for the casuals.

Xi3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

It doesn't make sense that you have someone denying the price point in your ad. If you didn't know anything about the ps3 or about the price drop it'd be easy to get confused on what exactly the ad is telling you.

I liked the last set of ads where the graffiti came alive on the wall, by far their best ads.

Sunny_D3714d ago

Sony is going for a more casual but funny route with the latest ads. But, how can someone be confused when the guy at the end says "Playstation 3, now $299"?

pixelsword3714d ago


I have confidence in many things, the ads that emanate from that company are not one of them.

PshycoNinja3714d ago

A lot of PS3 ads lately. I think Sony is doing good this year! Ads too.

The ads are funny, informitive, effective, and get the point across quickly. So yes, this time around they did it right. I also heard that they have a Uncharted 2 commercial coming.

Sunny_D3714d ago

I really liked this Uncharted 1 commercial.

PshycoNinja3714d ago

I have never seen that Uncharted commercial but it was funny as hell.

*Drake is sneaking behind a lot of bad guys*
Sully really loud on the radio says: Drake you there?
*All bad guys look back at Drake and he just shrugs*
Drake: *throws the radio at a guys face* Its for you.

I laughed so hard at that commercial.

pixelsword3714d ago

...The only thing that will give an indication if they

1. Don't go all in tangents like that baby ad

2. Keep the commercials on for more than a week.

That's one thing I admire about Microsoft: even to their hurt (example Japan), they will advertise like crazy. I mentioned Japan because they don't like to be blasted with commercials and Microsoft did it anyways.

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