Head 2 Head comparisons: Can gamers trust them?

Something that existed in previous console generations but has taken off this gen and something gamers today are no strangers to are the head to head comparisons of the same games released on multiple consoles. Countless fanboy flame wars have been fanned to the point where any legitimate debate by gamers is lost, consumed by the raging inferno started by so tiny a spark as a website's observation that one particular texture might look a little off on one version compared to another. Now gamers who own both systems might ask "But I have a choice. How am I to know which version is the better version for my money?"

Websites like the Lens of Truth and Eurogamer have made quite an impact on the internet forums with their "Head2Head" comparisons of games released on Sony's Playstation 3 versus the Microsoft Xbox 360, but how useful are these comparisons in the long run?

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Jamegohanssj53715d ago

Only if they come from game trailers. Lawlz.


Anon19743715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Some will quote these game comparisons like they're the gospel, but really they're just some other dude's opinion. I say, find a review site you trust or use something like metacritic. These head 2 head comparisons so often make so much out of nothing, and it this point there's usually so little different between the versions it doesn't even warrant a mention, yet negative fans feed on these type of discrepancies that in no way impact the overall games.

I mean, do you really care that the shadows on the PS3 version of Batman are better? Did you care that the shadows on RE5 were better? Of course not. Gamers don't play slight graphical discrepancies, they play games.

Montrealien3714d ago

Wrong title.

Head 2 Head comparisions : Should gamers give a flying f*ck?


Anon19743714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

I considered a title more along those lines after looking at that joke of a comparison I referenced from

However, I like to keep it a little less "in your face"

I at least try to remain professional. Or at least pretend. :)

Edit below: Exactly my point! At this stage, these type of comparisons are just nitpicking. All they do is muddy the waters for a lot of gamers.

StanLee3714d ago

I mean who really cares? The differences are usually negligible in the majority of instances.

Blaze9293714d ago

Like I said in that NFS SHIFT submission, multi-platform owners care.

For $60 you always want to get the best version of a game you can get and thats who and what these comparisons are for. If you (not you specifically) are a single console owner then stop coming to these comparison submissions and complaining since it has nothing to do with you.

Its like comparing which TVs are best, which internet service provider is best, what car is best etc etc. You pay for something you want the best possible version you can buy.

So if you (not you specifically) own both a 360 and a PS3 these comparison videos may...or may you ultimately choose which version to buy. If they didnt do a Orange Box comparison, I wouldve bought the PS3 version. Glad I didnt though.

Chris3993714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

If it's a massive discrepancy in performance - seen with a couple of multi-plats in 2006/ 2007 - then "yes" I might care. But we haven't seen games with those sorts of issues in a good while. Most of that Eurogamer and Lens of Truth crap is pixel counting at it's finest. It's not something that a person actually takes note of when playing a game.

That said, when given the choice of what system to buy a game on, I'll probably still go with the PS3 version. Why? I like the controller better. That, and my 360(s) have had reliability issues and I play the console only much as is needed.

I'm not a fanboy, I'll be playing Magna Carta 2 and Venetica next month on my 360, but I still have a preference. And in view of reliability issues and simple inclination towards the PS brand, I'll usually play whatever multis I purchase on my PS3. Simple.

People who own multiple systems are not console messiahs, but they are people, and people have a preference. Always. There's nothing fanboyish about that.

BlackTar1873714d ago

I own 2 ps3's 2 360's and 1 wii.

if a game has such small difference like all these things show SMALL then why care you don't notice small blips when moving full speed in a game. If you chose a game because one i blacker in one part then the other then that in my honest opiono sucks for you thats how i see it you pick a game over the other because of a pixel that takes up 2sec in a 10hr game then you need to get laid or god help you in the future. Im j/k about the laid part but people who invest this much energy in to but the superior version because of worthless stuff like that make people losers to me. Now a huge difference sure i agree but 85% of these are the smallest thing ever and people blow it out of porpotion like it sacrifices the games fun level.again if a pixel here or there ruins a game for you then you found the wrong hobby maybe think about being a inspector everyone hates them but they need to find the smallest errors.

el zorro3714d ago

Hmm.. why is it that most of the people who don't like multiplatform comparisons are PS3 fanboys? Could there be a reason for that? Could it be that they don't like them because they most often show the PS3 coming out behind?

In fact, the very author of this article, Mr. darkride66 himself, is a massive PS3 fanboy. That couldn't have anything to do with his stance on this issue, could it? Nah.


Thanks for coming forward with a little common sense and defending the obvious truth. Your TV comparison analogy was an apt one. Should we not compare TVs? After all, the differences are often fairly minor and you would only notice the differences if you had the TVs side by side. Baloney! Of course consumers want to know how one product compares to another, even if the differences have to be uncovered by technical analysis.

When I am in the market to buy a new TV I want to know such things as a TV's contrast ratio, color accuracy and decoding, processing, motion handling, and other such things. I want to know how one TV compares to another, even if I can't tell the differences looking at the models in the store. I want to know which TV in my price range is the best.

Why would it be any different when buying games? It's beneficial to people like me, who own multiple platforms, to do a quick check to see which version of a multiplatform game performs or looks the best. And despite what some of these radical fanboys will tell you, the differences are very often more than slight. The fact is, I have compared many games myself and have found the descriptions given by groups like Digital Foundry to be nearly always highly accurate. This has led me to realize that their comparisons are legitimate, precise, and can be trusted.

To me, the simple difference of one version having anti-aliasing while the other lacks it is a difference I want to know about. It can have a fairly significant impact on overall image quality -especially on larger displays, like the TV I own. Moreover, the differences are often much more substantial than that, with one version having a higher frame rate, more advanced effects, less screen tearing, etc. Those are differences I want to know about. After all, it's our hard earned money to be spent, and $60 is nothing to sneeze at.

Anon19743714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Think about it. Sure you want to know which TV is better, but if it comes down to one has slightly better contrast and one has slightly better color, which do you pick?

These types of comparisons often make those judgments. Like the BluBlaze comparison on LOT. One version has problems with controls, the other has mere seconds difference in loading times. It's a tie. Excuse me? A fighting game with control issues isn't the same as one with seconds difference in load times. One is obviously preferable, but not according to LOT's opinion.

I have no idea how a select few always seem able to make this about their console of choice. This has nothing to do with what game machine you choose to game on. I personally game on a 360 and PS3. My gamertag and PSN-ID are DarkrideHex66. Say hi sometime. Console preference doesn't play into this article in the slightest.

Nowhere did I say comparisons weren't useful, I simply pointed out that comparisons are simply opinion and shouldn't be taken as fact. They can certainly be a useful tool, but they're just as fallible as any other review. That's the point which you obviously missed in your rush to take personal shots at me and turn this into another "PS3 versus 360" console wars joke. The idea that you game on both systems is laughable given your posting history.

Personally, I'm in the same boat as Chris399. For me, reliability trumps graphical differences as I'm on my 4th 360 and don't trust it. However, I know not everyone is going to have issues like I did and I'm in the minority. Still, I could run a comparison of every multiplatform game and say the PS3 wins due to system reliability because that's what's important to me and it would be no different then any of these comparisons. At the end of the day they're simply opinion, not fact.

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shocky163715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

I'm sure we can praise and trust them when a PS3 version turns out better.. now if it was the 360 version then that's a different story. >_>

Sunny_D3715d ago

Sure, because we never see 360 fanboys saying once again the PS3 is the inferior version!!!!111 HAHAHA/sarcasm Don't play innocent.

ZombieAutopsy3715d ago

everything goes both ways here.

BlackTar1873714d ago

I just read thru some of your comments and man are you so damn defensive. and talk about playing the victim so well i commend you.

He said she said lol i mean come on doesn't something jump up and bite you every time you post the he did it line when you play this huge anti whatever in most of your posts?

Man if im writing something like what you did i think i would be like man doesnt playing the victim ever get old to me?

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WildArmed3715d ago

Honestly, gamers shouldn't really care.

Devs have finally got multi-plats down. They are nearly identical. Now it should just come down to the content the game has to offer on each console.

ex. Dark Vader vs Yoda in SCIV. (yes i know they are DLC now.. but they werent initially).

So when you are deciding what platform you want it on, just consider your community and if it offers any more content on a specific console.

IdleLeeSiuLung3715d ago

However, these are still useful in cases where some games are extremely badly done such as Orange Box and Ghostbuster for the PS3. If you are a huge fan, you will want the best version regardless of the platform.

I'm a huge fan of Ninja Gaiden, so I just want the best version intended... probably doesn't apply to most people though.

The Wood3715d ago

you better pick up sigma 2 then;)

cant wait for that game as they done a great job with the first 1.

The example from lens of truth makes me laugh. Seems they pick and choose what makes a game unplayable and what points should be taken off as a result.....kinda like 'shocky' being selective again i see;)

mastiffchild3715d ago

Great article, imo, and even so there's things he misses out. The biggest point of comaparisons shouldn't be which is the netter version necessarily but also what it tells us about how well the dev has done-these days as they've had time with each platform nothing too far short of parity should be acceptable and seeing as there've only been TWO cases of games I was interested in having a big enough advanntage in the 360's favour for me to buy that version over the PS3 as I prefer the DS3 to the 360 pad how much real point is there to multiple console gamers choosing cos of these articles?

All the usual stuff like where your mates game(if it's an online enabled title) controller preference, paid for or free network should, and does, come before any of the infinitessimal differences these sites come up with and this author's also right that it's STILL opinion. Who decides if a little loading is equal to a bit of bad texture? The REVIEWER-like always. That's without getting into any bias based arguments. For me they're nigh on redundant as since ROB the only game they've nearly swayed me on was Ghostbusters but my hatred of the 360 pad and the facts I despise waiting, live in the UK AND don't like devs who can't do their job well enough meant I just rented it for PS3 anyway.

Basically I don't feel the comparisons do a great deal except propel a few flame wars over very, very ,little and the way we've seen sites caught out either doctoring images, passing off the other consoles as a different ones images and just using incorrect settings make this all very slap dash and , on occasion, dodgy to noot. Luckily I doubt many take any notice at all as most gamers won't have a clue they exist and of those that do 99% will either find other issues more important or are too in love with a platform for anything to sway their opinions.

BTW-NGS2 does look like being the ultimate package for NG fans BUT why haven't we put more pressure on Tecmo Koei to at least sort out the game hindering camera on the 360 version of the game? Fair enough to give the PS3 gamer who has waited for the game a few extras but when one is a fix to basic gameplay that would buff up the orihinal immensely then it SHOUL be patched in for all of those who bought it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3714d ago

I already pre-ordered my Ninja Gaide Sigma 2 Collector's Edition at (ugh) GameStop. Unfortunately, there are no other retailer that sells the CE version in the US.

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Sunny_D3715d ago

I agree it doesn't help in the long run, but 360 fanboys have nothing else to cling to, so they stick to head2head comparisons even if its a flop game.

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