Halo ODST: Discovering Sadie's Story

This story is being called "Sadie's Story". Created by Fourth Wall Studios in partnership with Bungie Studios' Joe Staten and Ashley Wood, it's an audio drama (not unlike the radio drama revealed in I Love Bees) that utilizes comic-book style story-telling and will reveal an exciting mystery throughout the campaign, told from the perspective of Sadie- a New Mombasa civilian, and her experience through the ordeal leading up to New Mombasa's destruction. It's reported to contain even more voice acting than ODST itself

xenogamer5193d ago

I dont know how to explain it, but bungies games always had a feel to them, they create their own unique ambiance and that what keeps me coming back, and hearing about how this double their VO, makes me really excited to find out more about sadies story. Kinda sucks the games kinda short for my liking, but its all about the EXPERIENCE!! add me on LIVE to play some FF Xenogamer21!!

TROLL EATER5193d ago

yh firefight will be awesome. sadie story looks interesting

5193d ago

Halo 3: ODST Fan Remake/Demo in Unreal Engine 5 available for download

Gearshift Media has shared a demo of their Halo 3: ODST Fan Remake in Unreal Engine 5 that everyone can download.

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spicelicka507d ago

*cream* specially at that music! we need odst 2!


10 Best Halo Games

NoobFeed Editor Joshua Burt writes - There are many games in the famous Halo Franchise that are stellar titles and need to be revered. And some that do not. These games stand out from the crowd and deluge of colossal Halo titles. Games that made Halo great. We do need to iron out what qualifies the game for this list. They have to be in the Halo franchise… Obviously.

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576d ago
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-Foxtrot575d ago

Halo CE over Halo Infinite anyday

Not to mention the impact it had at the time

Flawlessmic575d ago

Halo 3 at the top is correct the only thing id change is swap infinite and halo ce around.

AuraAbjure575d ago

Halo 4 best campaign and multiplayer. Halo 3 best story.

ChubbyBlade574d ago

Are you trying to give people cancer?

AuraAbjure574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

Halo 4 has the hottest Cortana too which explains why the MC is the hardest in that campaign and why H4's multiplayer is the illest. Chief ain't afraid to take on teleporting enemies that can one hit melee kill.

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Halo 3: ODST Protaganist "The Rookie" identified as Lance Corporal Jonathan Doherty

More than 13 years have passed since we first took control of Halo’s Oribital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST’s) with the release of Halo 3: ODST. Being the first Halo where not the main character Master Chief stood in the spotlight but an unknown ODST-rookie.

With the release of the new Halo Encyclopedia on Amazon things are about to change.

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