Project Gotham on Zune HD

Microsoft has confirmed that its new Zune HD handheld will feature gaming functionality.

The company said in a press release that the touch-screen media player, released in the US today, will support "fun 3D games" such as Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition, Vans Sk8: Pool Service, and Audiosurf Tilt.

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PandemicPrawn05192d ago

And just like that Microsoft have entered the portable market...

(sort of).

FragMnTagM5192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

From what I have used from my new Zune, it is the nicest PMP I have ever had the pleasure of using. Fast, slick GUI along with HD radio, and nice software to go with it too. The Zune software has been upgraded as well and is a lot nicer than iTunes. There are also free HD video podcasts to download from the Markeplace. There are also 9 apps that are free already.

I can't wait to see what else is in store for this little monster.

Bnet3435192d ago

Meh, Zune doesn't really count as a gaming handheld.

dragunrising5192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

"Meh, Zune doesn't really count as a gaming handheld" Kind of an ignorant statement. Technically any average cell phone is a gaming handheld. You play games...in your hand. See?

I have 7 games on my new Zune HD. I'm surprised no one has said a word about them. They're all free. They include:

Texas Hold'em
Space Battle 2
Shell Game...of the Future
Goo Splat
and Chess

Also, there is an additional 2 (free) apps. These include a calculator and MSN weather. All the games are quite decent in quality.

Edit: If anyone is curious about the browser, its lightning fast. It was able to render most websites just as well as my computer, not to mention N4G. The only issue I have with it is that its not able to log into password protected websites (yet or to my knowledge). Hence why I'm updating on my computer. Pinch and Zoom using multitouch is awesome, not to mention the OLED screen. The Zune HD deserves games.

Also, why is everyone bashing Zune HD? If no one got their news outside of N4G you would think its just another PMP and/or going to fail. I suggest trying it out before passing judgement.

@FragMnTagM- Agreed. Not sure what the disagrees are about. Pretty sure all the naysayers have never used one.

Sunny_D5192d ago

Wait, is this going against the iphone or ipod touch? Well, this will get some nice sales, but to penetrate the market like Apple? Their way off.

TheBand1t5192d ago

Best of luck to MS with their new Zune. I always liked the Zune alot more than the iPod.

Xi5192d ago

I hope that XNA and indie games get a decent amount of applications for the zune.

Shadow Man5192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

For PSX emulators at full speed, thanks to NVIDIA graphics card and HDMI output.

5192d ago
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Sony Appears to be Working on a New Version of the DualSense

Sony seems to be working on a new version of the DualSense that would improve on the PS5 controller with some extremely helpful features.

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Jin_Sakai1d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

Pretty awesome. Hopefully they add a bigger battery to boot.

“The button hints would also be spelled out on the controller's touchpad, which would actually double as a display. This is not the first patent indicating that the DualSense 2 might feature a touchscreen instead of a touchpad, as another such IP filing emerged online back in September. As for the concept at hand, the controller that it describes wouldn't just be capable of lighting up its buttons, including its shoulder triggers, but also both of its analog sticks.“