The Top 10 PC Games of the 90's

Gamer Limit writes "Well, I can't think of a more fitting list entry then a background of the best PC games from the 90's. It'll give anyone reading a brief insight into the games of my youth."

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Ziriux3716d ago

Ahh yes, I agree with Wolfenstein on the list, I've been a huge fan ever since it debuted. With all the remakes, some not so great like the recent one, it's hard to keep the love for the game, but knowing I can go back to the past great titles feels great.

StartWars3716d ago

And watch the memories come flooding back.

pippoppow3716d ago

The 90s to me were magical. I remember a friend of mine buying his first PC 486-66DX in 93. We were all excited over Alone in the Dark and X-wing after reading about those two games in a mag. He went out and actually bought those two games before he bought his PC. One day he bought his PC and those 2 games over and we were blown away. PC gaming was simply amazing in the 90s. The PC exclusive games took full advantage of the hardware which simply put the games on another level compared to consoles. There was something special about getting a game to run in DOS especially after some hiccups having to creqte a boot disk or manually adjust the config.sys and autoexec.bat. Then the hardware in the mid 90 evolved from 2d to 3d thanks to 3DFX (Voodoo). The variety of games and unique game-play experiences coupled with the sheer amount of genres was really awesome. Today PC gaming is a shadow of what it once was. Devs today could create exclusive games that can push todays PCs beyond consoles but it seems the will isn't there. They seem content with just making a game to run on as many platforms for the money. If I were to create a top ten gaming years the top spots would be dominated by the 90s not only do to the PC but consoles by Sega, Nintendo, Sony weren't too shabby either. Truly an amazing decade. fond, fond memories.

Pandamobile3716d ago

Where the christ is Half-Life?!

Fullish3716d ago

Damn good question Sir.

Poopface the 2nd3716d ago

this guy obviously didnt like FPS much. HL 1 only got an "honarable mention" even though it changed just about every FPS since.

Also no mention of DEUS EX which is easily one of the best PC games ever. For a guy who seems to like RPGs he mustve never played it or it would be on the list.

zagibu3716d ago

Well, it's mentioned at least. I think it's a good list, better at least than all those "Halo, Assassin's Creed, Oblivion" craplists floating around. This list could also serve as toplist overall, not only top of the 90ies. I would of course change some things, but the fact that X-Com is first makes this list valid.

GrahameG3716d ago

Half Life is a defining moment in all of gaming, not just PC gaming in my eyes.

Can we have a special "above number 1" slot for it?

Hey if Uncharted 2 can change scoring systems... :P

Silverwolf3716d ago

I can't believe Unreal wasn't on there list. Baldur’s Gate was a great game BTW.

Poopface the 2nd3716d ago

killing the nali guys was fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.