Wii in trouble?

Suddenly the Wii doesn't seem like such a bargain anymore. Sony did not shock the gaming world by finally dropping the price of the Playstation 3. But with a slim, $299 model at retail,they've certainly changed the face of the console war.

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qface643719d ago

is it just me or does this whole article seem like its a little late to the party?

Suga Shane3719d ago

I do wonder when this will all stop. It seems that any move the other two companies make people feel that Nintendo is doomed or they MUST do something to compete. Ok, lets say sales take a nose dive, does that mean the company is suddendly going to show their cards and leave the table? It must really offend the fans of the other two consoles that they are getting spanked by a system that is not "on par" with their system of choice for this non-sense to continue. Just play what you want and enjoy the games that you have chosen.

Product3719d ago

Xbox and Ps3 sales have little to no affect on the Wii. When companies and hard headed gamers can understand this the sooner everyone becomes a smarter person.

Wii is not, i repeat not, competing with Microsoft or Sony, they are competing with people that have no interest in gaming.

n4f3719d ago

wii is completing against 360 and ps3.
-they get there share of the pie
-we all know that there a lot for casual(wont deny) but its not because you dont like most of the game that is suddenly become ''casual''
-its like saying the ps2 wasnt again xbox and gamecube, cause you do know that ps2 had a lot of shovelware ''casual'' game right?

not targeting you that the way i think just like you have your way of thinking

Karlnag33719d ago

n4f competing with making any sense whatsoever.

Why Dat3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Hmm.... I don't think there is too much cause for concern... but I'm not an analyst so...

Either way, Nintendo is at a comfortable lead, and as Product said, Nintendo is only competing with those with no interest in gaming.

Product3719d ago

I only go with what Iwata says and he has stated the above many times before. I have my own opinion but it would not be inline with what Iwata says about Nintendo's business plans.

EvilTwin3719d ago

Product -- Well, didn't Iwata recently say they weren't cutting the price of Wii, too? I'm skeptical of what any person says about marketing in this industry.

Nintendo wants to bring in new gamers. That's no secret.

But they also know the value of keeping "traditional" gamers. Zelda, Metroid and proper Mario titles aren't for quasi-interested gamers. They're for people who want to invest 20 hours (at least) in a big-time, AAA title.

Nintendo isn't making Galaxy 2, Other M and the next Zelda for casuals. And I don't think it's a secret why this past E3 ended with Metroid, not something like Wii Music.

baph7773719d ago

as long as Nintendo is content to break even with the PS3 this holiday season and sell roughly half the number of units it has sold the last three Christmas seasons during the holidays.

SupaPlaya3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

otherwise they would have bought 360 arcade over it. They bought it for the family games and Wiimote controls.

The only trouble they'll have is if people get tired of games like Wii Fit and the motion control.

baph7773718d ago

That's already started happening in Japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.