Giant Bomb: Need for Speed: Shift Review

Giant Bomb writes: "Looking at it from the other side doesn't paint a prettier picture. If you don't like simulator-styled racing games, and you happened to enjoy the last few Need for Speed games, there's no slider in Shift that makes it feel like those games. At best, you can make it an easy game, but gliding through all of the races without challenging yourself doesn't make the game any more enjoyable. The game feels like it's stuck between two worlds, and it doesn't execute well enough on either side to fully satisfy any type of racing fan. That said, if you're a fan of racing sims and you're looking for something to tide you over until the next big thing comes along, Shift certainly isn't a bad game. But you'd probably be better off with some older, more serious racing sims".

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DonCorneo3713d ago

it will be traded in for gt in decemeber.

ramos909093711d ago

I think that the game is challenging when the same car, or as fast as your car is next to you. and gt5 was boring, but this one, keeps you entertained in my opinion.