New Tekken 6 Screenshots Showcase High-Fashion writes: "Namco Bandai Games has released a slew of new screenshots from the upcoming fighter, Tekken 6, featuring some new costumes designed by Japanese manga artist, Mamoru Nagano. Tekken 6 will feature 42 playable characters and should hit..."

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NaiNaiNai3719d ago

Game looks pretty darn good. Love the little orange ball on her scarf. XD

MetalGearRising3719d ago

Nice and just imagine me playing it on my xbox360 (TEKKEN 6) nice.

NateNater3719d ago

Have fun playing it on that crappy thing M$ like to call a d-pad lol

thebudgetgamer3719d ago

i probably dont like them cause she always kicks my ass.


NateNater3719d ago

This game is just full of WIN!

Get ready for the next round...Fight!