Far Cry vs. Crysis graphics comparison

PC Games Online compares the graphics of Far Cry (2004) and Crysis.

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DixieNormS4270d ago

that Far Cry was a pretty impressive piece of work for its time. Some of the island shots look just almost as good as Crysis.

Pheneus4270d ago

around its graphics, it really isn't that big of a leap. I was more impressed by Farcry when it came out then I have been of anything I have seen of Crysis, although I admit that part of that has to do with the huge cost of upgrading my pc to get it anywhere near running the game at its highest level.

Satanas4270d ago

For god's sake, just look at the physics engine. The graphics alone do not do this game justice.

Cartesian3D4270d ago

may be u cant see enough gap in low res pictures...

How about physics? volumetric clouds? distiructible trees? soft particles? lighting ?sharp shadows? moving leaves and body animations..and so on...

non of them included on those static pictures...

and imagine DX11 games... U will NEVER been able to see difference between a DX11 SarCry vs Crysis in a 1080p screenshot...

bung tickler4270d ago

dx11... hold your horses... 99% of people can't even run dx10 yet...

Smellslikepie4270d ago

First of all, the screenshot wouldn't be in 1080p. After all these are games for PCs and that's not the standard resolution PC gamers play games at. Infact, the 'p' is redundant as all monitors are progressive scan.

Secondly, why bring DirectX 11 into this? You know NOTHING about the features of DirectX 11 because nothing's been said about it. Direct X 10 isn't even out yet.

This is purely a graphics comparison, because that's all the majority of people seem to care about at the moment. You've heard them in the news about the Halo 3 beta, and you'll hear them when Killzone 2 is released and doesn't look EXACTLY like the CG trailer.

I agree with what you're saying in the second paragraph, I think. Maybe we should be focusing a little more on physics, destructable environments, particle effects, lighting, and animations. I can honestly say that I'll play a game that looks horrendous as long as it's fun. Go back and play Deus Ex, it's ugly but it's one of the best games I've ever played. Diablo 2, a psuedo-3d RPG that isn't SPECTACULAR in the graphics department (Max resolution of 800 x 600) and it's brilliant to play. Graphics don't always make games perfect. They do add to the gameplay, and certainly help with getting involved in the game but other things do that as well, and they seem to be neglected/underrated at the moment.

Despite that mini-rant; Crysis is looking pretty spectacular!

kevin4270d ago

right killzone 2 doesnt look like the trailer because its already surpassed it

gta_cb4270d ago

i would like to run this game to see what it looks like first hand

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