Channel Surfing: Wii User Ratings from the Nintendo Channel

The Nintendo Channel update in the Americas yesterday has revealed which games the Wii owners are rating most highly.

Yesterday, the Nintendo Channel received a major overhaul in the Americas (the same that had already been put in place in Japan a month or so earlier). Among the new features is the ability to see which games have been highly recommended by Wii owners who have actually played them.

There are four ranks for the user ratings - bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Games rated below wherever the "bronze" threshold lies don't have any rating appear at all. There also seems to be a minimum number of recommendations made in order for a user rating to appear in the Nintendo Channel - less than 20% of all games have a rating, and all the games that have a user rating visible also has enough data submissions to have usage data available.

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DKII3717d ago

No platinum-rated games in the US or Canada, but there is one in Latin America.

Wonder if this'll come out soon in Europe too.

Duke_Silver3717d ago

It's crazy to see some really popular games on Bronze or something!

mrpotter3717d ago

That actually is a pretty cool idea. The other platforms should adopt that.

Homicide3717d ago

Yeah, it's a very interesting system.

Light Yagami3717d ago

Sad to see Guitar Hero on top.