49ers Play Halo 3

I thought there were an awful lot of really tall, really big guys playing during last night's Halo 3 premiere event in San Francisco's Foreign Cinema on Mission Street. Turns out they were a bunch of players from the 49ers football team.

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kewlkat0074480d ago

like this one

When sports athletes used to take part in gaming and stuff...
I guess they probably got way too expensive...

AzaziL4480d ago

didn't the troops get exclusive dibs on halo 2 before it was released a few years back? Let the real hero's have some fun, not these overpayed clowns, and i'm not talking about sports stars, just the 49ers.

SuicidalTendencies4480d ago

You obviously don't know what you're talking about. The 49ers were one of the teams with a boat load of cap space this year. Overpaid? I think not.