Evil Avatar: Colin McRae: Dirt 2 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Dirt was something of a landmark 'next-gen' title for me. It was one of that initial crop of games that started to prove that our new graphical powerhouses were worth the serious cash we'd spent on them. Other than the with the visuals it also delivered brilliant off-road racing across a whole bunch of event types to create a mixed package that ticked almost all the boxes. It didn't quite go down as a classic and it was easy to see why once you'd sampled its limited track listing."

The Good

* Outstanding presentation, among best in class.
* Loads of events and a strong progression mechanic that rewards increasing your skills but respects players of all abilities.
* Excellent tracks that promote fun and challenge rather than convention.
* Brilliant vehicle physics models that feel genuinely different across the various disciplines.

The Bad

* The track repetition creeps in although far slower this time around.
* It is reasonably likely that one type of event may not appeal to you. That's just a peril of having a varied game.

The Ugly

* Don't like hip extreme sports dudes? This is not the game for you.

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