GameSpot: Need for Speed: Nitro Updated Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "Nitro might be built for the Wii, but it's coming to the Nintendo DS as well. The DS game is being developed by the folks at Firebrand Games who previously developed the TrackMania DS game. TrackMania's nutty influence is evidenced by the track design in Nitro for the DS--the last time we played the game, we drove one section of a race on a roller-coaster track, and the most recent time we played it, we were drifting through corners and taking sweet jumps on the moon, which pretty much answers anything you need to know about this version of the game".

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SpoonyRedMage3709d ago

The Wii version looks like great fun but last time I saw the DS version it looked like garbage. Looked like a GBA game but Firebrand have a good "track" record so I'll stay open minded.