STP: South Park Mega Millionaire Review

It might come of some surprise that Real Networks' latest crack at the South Park franchise isn't actually tied to a single episode. Though Trey Parker and Matt Stone's intentionally odious opus is hardly lacking in material, South Park Mega Millionaire is less of an attempt to mirror a set story and more of a move to capture the general ethos of the show, packing it into what could be an entertaining platformer in its own right.

And that, dressing aside, is what Mega Millionaire is. Taking control of Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny one by one, you guide them through 24 levels that come with items to collect, ledges to jump between and plenty of enemies to avoid. Set in a crazy Japanese game show, the challenges are designed to entertain the show's live studio audience and, quite bizarrely, cause you a fair amount of pain as you try to cross the finish line.

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