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SpoonyRedMage3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Wii and DS still have no games though./s

Massive lists and The Crystal Bearers it the highlight for me, if you can't tell.;)

EDIT: Hang on! America's getting a Shantae sequel!? We haven't go Might Flip Champs yet.

knox3715d ago

sigh not even excited about zelda, not sure about shantae.......crystal bearers could be decent

SpoonyRedMage3715d ago

Crystal Bearers will be amazing....:P

knox3715d ago

it does have promise ill give you that

Jinxstar3715d ago

Sad though. This will be the first Zelda game I wont play...

TheBand1t3715d ago

Link on a train, CHOO CHOO!

Optical_Matrix3715d ago

Well I only care for Crystal Bearers and Spirit Tracks. Both games will be Nintendo's saving grace this holiday as the way I see it, both are going to be AMAZING games.
Even then, out of the hundred + games on there, to only have 2 great titles is abysmal. No wonder serious 3rd party support is dying out on the Wii. What the flange is Nintendo doing.

infamous_273715d ago

why arent i excited about zelda? its freakin zelda for crying out loud. maybe if it had come out mid april...

N4GAddict3715d ago

Nintendo is doing a bad job at advertising the game. The dissapointing prequel didn't help much either.

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