Gran Turismo Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "From the monster garage to the tight control and splendid visuals, Gran Turismo stands head and shoulders above any other racing title for a portable platform. Whether you are a diehard Gran Turismo fan or someone who has yet to experience the franchise, this is definitely one title that is worth your time. Whether you download it or buy it on a UMD, Gran Turismo must be experienced if you have any interest at all in driving simulators. You may never pick up another potable racer again!"

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-GametimeUK-3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

well the reviews for this game certantly require popcorn for the drama in the comment section of N4G...

(at below)

Hope you enjoy the game mate =D ... I am sure you will

butterfinger3714d ago

I'm loving these mixed reviews. Day one for me regardless. :)

TheBand1t3714d ago

I'd pick it up if it wasn't for the fact I'm saving my $$$ for Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 next month.

butterfinger3714d ago

I don't blame you. You can't go wrong with those two games.

krouse933714d ago

But I am getting Day one

LiquifiedArt3714d ago

I was gonna buy this game, but NO CAREER [email protected]#!

Are you kidding me guys? Sometimes i wonder if japanese developers have any idea what the consumers want. UGH. Man it pisses me.

Pass on GT PSP :(

Greywulf3714d ago

Why is it news today that theres no career mode.

When there was never a career mode.

For years.

Bereaver3714d ago

I really do think that the psp version would have been better with career mode.

But regardless, you're still looking at the current best racing game on any hand held system.

It's simply beautiful.

Narutone663714d ago

another PSP together with GT PSP. I'm going to unlock as many cars as possible than sync it with GT5 when it comes out later. Don't care so much about the career mode as I will have it in the GT5.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Good score;) + The other Micro$oft BUM-LICKING bigger internet sites don't like it, but the normal sites with REAL GAMERS do!!! ;)

cmrbe3714d ago

an actual review of GT PSP as a portable racing game.

StanLee3714d ago

Oh you noticed that too huh? Is it me or are games no longer reviewed in context? Whether it's a Wii, portable or XBLA or PSN title or an expansion or DLC, games' content aren't being reviewed accurately because it's not given it's proper context.

cmrbe3714d ago

that people expected a fully fledge GT game on PSP lol!.

People forget that GT PSP is not a port of a console GT version. Its suppose to be for people that just want a quick race on the go. Not spend hours upon hours modifying their cars. Thats what the GT console version is for.

PS360WII3714d ago

"Its kinda weird
that people expected a fully fledge GT game on PSP lol!."

I'm sure people think that because PD said they were going to make a fully fledge GT game for the PSP... right?

Not that it really matters. People want it people will get it. Reviews are pointless in the end.

TheGuardianFID3714d ago

To the ugly smelly man having a bad hair day!!! :P :D

BULLETBOI3714d ago

I thought it was for GT 5 not GT for PSP...fix it please...
Back on topic:
I was looking forward to getting PSP Go this fall but i feel like i should wait for MGS:P...

butterfinger3714d ago

the Go! will be cheaper by then. I don't expect Peace Walker until next Summer or Fall, but I hope it comes in the Spring.

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The story is too old to be commented.