Did Associated Content Even Play Halo ODST When Reviewing?

Nike writes: "Cleverness comes with an added asset – if you're big enough, and have the man fruit, you can outright lie about something and people will believe you in a jiffy. Case-in-point, Associated Content's half-arsed review of Halo ODST for the XBox 360. They've got enough bias going for them too."

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DelbertGrady3715d ago

Yes, I'm pretty sure Saaking played it before he wrote the review.

Nike3715d ago

Annnndddd...I have no idea who he is. :)

But i know he loves HHGS. And approving HHGS garbage even more.

kapedkrusader3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

...but if this is a bias reviewer, my bet is that it's a Wii fanboy for once. It just doesn't come across as a PS3 fanboy with all the talk of the Wiimote and no mention of Uncharted 2.

Nike3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Very good point. I didn't think of that. He seems so enamoured with the Wiimote you'd think he'd have sex with it (and then make a game using the motions).

@IcyJoker187: "Killzone 2 sucks because it doesn't have multi-player."

If any reviewer outright lied like that, you'd be all over it, wouldn't you? But no, them lying about other games is just fine with you, it seems.

3715d ago
StanLee3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

You know on every site I see gamers fussing about reviews and sales. Just play the games. From the access to media of most games during development you can get a sense for yourself whether a game interests you or deserves your time. If you pay attention to reviews you may miss gems you may enjoy. I enjoyed Turok, Dark Sector and Army of Two, 3 games with mediocre reviews but very enjoyable experiences and there have been many games like that that I've enjoyed over the vaunted Halo 3's and Killzone 2's.

Syronicus3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

"Get over it, it's just somebody's opinion."

See, it works both ways.

Darkeyes3715d ago

Darn who cares.... People are still going to buy it cause it's Halo... Besides when people give PS3 games reviews before time (like that Infamous review which came before time), even 360 fanboys jumped to criticize it.... Even that review had false details...

Tit for tat....

Besides, I will be really 'SHOCKED' if this game got perfect scores cause frankly, people MUST deduct points for the graphics and small campaign... But knowing few sites cough Edge cough Eurogamer.... You guys will have something to brag about... There is absolutely nothing 'MIND BLOWING' looking at the videos... Same old graphics, same old gameplay, same old maps (barring 3), A small campaign and a firefight mode... Nothing to warrant 60$, but what do I have to say, it's you money spend it as you like.

Zack Sawyer3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

You say the "same old graphics" but Half Life 2's graphics are looking very old now yet it doesn't stop the game from being anything but great! I didn't realize that 2007 was so long ago.

You say it has "same old gameplay" failing to understand that it is both a sequel and a FPS. How much different do you want it to be? Jumping high enough to hit blocks and obtain coins? Have the numerous Unreal Tournaments changed that much from each new addition to the series?

I'm sure if MS or Bungie felt that the way the game worked was getting stale then they would act but I cant ever see that happening because there are a lot of FPS fans out there who think what it has is great!

But yeah I too would be shocked if from what I have seen, it gets perfect scores. But if I was to just buy "MIND BLOWING GAMES" then I would still be on my PC and nothing else.

Christopher3715d ago

But, seriously, do we need an article about someone's opinion? Just leave a freaking comment on the guy's review or something.

We really need a new category here at N4G called 'opinion piece' or something. I like to see news, not someone's opinion on news from a third-party Web site. I get enough opinions on the news from the comments to articles here.

DuneBuggy3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Oh the guys a Nintendo freak for sure. Honestly 360 and PS3 fans should band together rather than fight over this clown.

360 fans for this shoddy "review" that didnt pass some basic fact checking requirements, raising doubts anything was actually reviewed.
And PS3 fans? Last week his piece was about the failure that is PS3....And in not kidding about that.

To cgoodno above...
Leaving a comment wont do any good.He was taking them down as fast as people could put them up.Unless they were 100% positive towards HIS article.

N4G king3715d ago

"Did Associated Content Even Play Halo ODST When Reviewing?"

yes he did

JokesOnYou3715d ago

We all know there's a big difference between being critical of a game and downright hating hating to the point where you get critical facts wrong about the game. Look at a few of the old low score Halo reviews posted, there are very few 360 fans calling it out strictly as bias, most just disagree and roll on, while every slight knock on the ps3 draws a fanatic media hate started waaay back with Lair and only later folks generally agree with the flaws found in the game. Lol, try harder.


Darkeyes3715d ago

Sorry Zack, your argument fails... This isn't 2007. Trust me, if this was a case with a PS3 game (the graphics thing), then it would have been criticized to death. The graphics are crap even by 2007 standard (Bioshock and Gears blow this out of the water). I know people will jump upon me and say Gameplay>Graphics (which I agree by the way), but this real thing is that Bungie earned an @ss load of money with Halo 3 and still they don't update the engine which leaves me thinking that it's a rip off. Both Halo ODST and Uncharted 2 have the same development time and the difference between both is remarkable..

That gameplay part was for the 60$ price tag... It's an awesome price for a new comer to the Halo series (you get all maps+campaign), but if you own a 360 and the Halo (the odds are really high that you own a Halo), then it's kind off a rip off to pay full price for a small 5-6 hour campaign and 3 new maps....

I read that ODST review and must say that YES, it's biased and a little too harsh, but one thing I agree from the review is the fact that why can't M$ sell the 2nd disc (which has multi-payer) separately with fire fight mode for 30$??? I bet 2/3rd of the ODST buyer will flock to buy this.... So why isn't M$ doing it??? Hint Hint... M$ loves money... As I said, it's your money, so spend it like you wish.... Hope you njoy the game.... But for me, 60$ is a little to steep... I would gladly spend 40$ on the GOW collection (1 & 2) over this cause at least it's running at 720P with AA...

nightfallfilms3715d ago

@kapedkrusader you are right look at all of his other reviews. They are all Nintendo and this guy calls him self a gamer.

v1c1ous3715d ago

i have to report it.

writing reaction articles about fud articles is not going to fix the problem about N4G's apparent weakness of letting any troll or moron with a mouthpiece do some damage and the mods be ho-hum about it.

Zack Sawyer3715d ago

Fair enough, if thats how you feel. I'm not going to argue on price because as you said thats up to the individual if they want to spend their money on this or not, they have to decide whether its worth the money.

But you seem to be a bit graphic obsessed, Bungie have been working on a new engine for Reach since Halo 3 and this has been done as a side project hence why it was originally touted as an expansion pack. Why would they make a new engine just for that? Have you played many PC games as I can tell you that graphical leaps on expansion packs are almost non-existent. So your development time argument seems pointless when Uncharted2 has a whole team focusing on it.

And yes even in 2007 the Halo 3 engine was a bit weak, I think I heard they started the engine on the original xbox although I may be mistaken. But why should that matter, again I point to how old Half Life 2 looked when they released the Orange Box. And how outdated the Source engine looks for Left 4 Dead 1 & 2.

You say you think gameplay>graphics but it doesn't seem so. The reason people perhaps think PS3 games SHOULD look better and complain if they're not is because its more powerful and has a better technology like the blu-ray, so people ask why developers aren't using this to make the ultimate experience.

Greywulf3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

All i have to say is..


Major_Tom3715d ago

It's funny that Xbox 360 fanboys can become obvious hypocrites so shamelessly.

Greywulf3715d ago


Read those reviews if you want to see someone not care about the game but just plain bash _____.

This is nothing.

pixelsword3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago ) it on the hardest level you can; that will stretch it out and give you better skills in the end to boot.

As far as the reviews, I'll say the same thing I've said about other reviews:

They're just opinions; so unless their temperament matches yours 100%, it's not a big deal.

Tachyon_Nova3714d ago

I admitedly haven't read the review in question, and will make no value judgement on its quality, or for that matter, the quality of the game. But the writer of this article is without doubt himself either a Halo fanboy, or gets paid for each hit, as he suggests the reviewer does.

Why do I say that? The title of his article is "Did Associated Content Even Play Halo ODST When Reviewing?", yet none of the points he makes to try and back up his assertion are actually relevant. while it is ridicuolous that the author complains that the controls aren't from the Wii, every single other point of complaint from the review made by the split-screen author is either down right irrelevant, or a matter of opinion.

Syronicus3714d ago

Then you would have called out half the false reviews of PS3 games over the past 2 years but something tells me you wouldn't...

Ravage273714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

i can still remember them parading around those retarded 6/10 KZ2 reviews 7 months ago.

Review scores are pretty pointless imho, especially at this time and age where marketing is the dominant sales factor.

Small sites have their console alignment and big sites are too commercially involved to put down games that are too 'HUGE' to fail. Even if MW2 deserves a 7.5/10, do you really think IGN will give it anything less than a 'safe' 9/10? The resulting backlash from the rabid cod4 fanboys might boost their traffic for a short while, but the eventual fallout will cost the site major money.

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Pennywise3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Did the guy who couldnt climb trees in InFamous even play it? But... that was okay.

EDIT: I am not saying it is RIGHT... but people just brushed that off with no problem and no one had to write a whiny article about it.

SpoonyRedMage3715d ago

Probably not but then again we know anyone who gives a Sony game a bad review is terribly biased and should be castrated even when the majority are saying the same thing because that just means they're all biased.

Nike3715d ago

I get the whole "fans whining about small discrepancies some reviewers make" issue.

But this guy nags about disc switching for single- and multi-player modes.

DISC SWITCHING, for crying out loud. Tell me that is not stupid.

jmare3715d ago

I get your point about complaining about it, but why is it stupid to want a game to be on one disc?

Nike3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Having a game on one disc isn't stupid at all. I was just referring to how he's bringing a game down simply because he has to change discs for accessing the different modes. He obviously hasn't seen the sad, sad days when we had to change a dozen floppies to just install a game. Lord help you if one of them had corrupted (and it WAS a floppy).

This kind of thing boils down to taste, or subjective opinion. If he's reviewing the game, he should focus on the game unless the disc switching directly impacts the gameplay. An example would be Killzone 2 not having an install feature, and this was a snag because it slowed down the game at specific points. But keep in mind, even that didn't affect people's opinions of the game, unlike this joker who's mortified beyond sanity. I wonder how Blue Dragon's 3 disc switching would make him feel. :P

WMW3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

switching disc for game modes is dumb thats all there is to it why would anyone want to have to keep going back an fourth when it could of been like every other game and have them on one disc. you can say what you want on his review but switching disc for game modes is probably one of most annoying things a dev can do. also yes in the PAST switching disc was more acceptable but its 2009 and comparing this game to an rpg makes no sense you don't have to constantly change disc with an rpg in odst you will change disc more often then you want to unless you playthrough the single player find everything then switch to multiplayer and since its open world it could take awhile.

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Obama3715d ago

Just the ending alone I would give it a 3/10. What are they thinking, putting a giant purple testicle there?