Interview with Bungie's Frank O'Connor, Responds to Miyamoto's "I Could Make Halo"

When asked about his thoughts on the matter, Mr. O'Connor retorted:

"Yeah, well. I just want to go on the record and say that Bungie is hard at work on a side-scrolling platform game featuring some plumbers -- I'm not going to say what their ethnicity is, it's none of anyone's business -- but we took that as a gauntlet, a sort of glove slap, and we're going to respond in 2D scrolling style. That's all I'm saying."

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ITR4481d ago

Even though I like Halo...I doubt they should talk.

They sold out to MS..when they orig. developed Halo for only the Mac.

I wouldn't want to compete with Mr. Miyamoto.

The BS Police4481d ago

Being bought by Microsoft is on eof the best things that ever happened in videogames.

Halo would have been worse if it was released on the Mac first thing, and the Xbox wouldn't have taken off without Halo.

Numark4481d ago

Bungie has developed one of the most successful franchises to date, and even though I dont think its the best game or even close, their multiplayer is incredible and is what made the game. If you own xbox live, you know their multiplayer is fantastic.

Now, Miyamoto makes an ignorant comment regarding something he shouldnt be talking about, and they responded in a funny way. I thought it was rather clever.

ITR4481d ago

Why shouldn't he?
Without Moto videogames, the industry would have never came back after the crash of 1983.

I played Halo on LAN for about 2 yrs while in the mil.
We used it to unwind after some live fire combat BS.

IMO Bungie is a sell out company. If they could sell themselves again they would.

Halo was announced at the 99' MacWorld Expo...the very next yr they sold out to Microsoft.
Which killed Halo on the Mac for the time being.

Halo is essentially Marathon 4. Bungie released Marathon 1-3 orig. on the Mac.

I'm done.

Azurite4481d ago

Talk about "lost in translation" and immaturity.
Oh well, life goes on.

Maddens Raiders4481d ago

Miyamoto just stick to making your pedophile - friendly games and your 1990's remixes. Something's working, just look @ all of the successes of the GameCube. /end sarcasm

I can't even believe Bungie would get caught up in this stupid debate / non-debate.


brodels4481d ago

Miyamoto only said that because he was referring to making games that would appeal to the masses, like Halo. He's creative enough to make a game like that... If Bungie's really serious about this, then they're just digging their own grave. It shows so much creativity for them to copy Mario with Japanese plumbers... people should learn not to take quotes out of context. If that guy's such a good writer, he should probably work on his reading comprehension.

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The story is too old to be commented.