Gaming Age: Gran Turismo PSP Review

Gaming Age writes: "With incredible visuals and a literal ton of vehicles and courses, Gran Turismo PSP is definitely an amazing accomplishment for a portable title. In not having a structured race campaign or online functionality, it is however missing something. It's understandable to make a handheld version of game easy to jump into and play for short periods of time. But for a deep series like GT, it could have benefitted from a little more than it has. If you're a fan of "driving" games and/or Gran Turismo and own a PSP, it's still definitely worth taking out for a spin".

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butterfinger3715d ago

but they are trending upwards in terms of scores. We'll have to see what it looks like when the dust settles and all the reviews are in.

Neo6043715d ago

they should give hand held a lil break cause they can't compete with console.

saimcheeda3715d ago

havent been very still getting this game though!