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TPG writes: "There are few times as a gamer where you have to step back and acknowledge the fact that, despite your Level 80 Paladin and self-proclaimed "mad TF2 skillz", you are probably not as gifted as you think you are. Boggle, an iPhone version of the successful board game by Hasbro, is a simple title that will without doubt make you feel just a little bit uneducated, revealing the fact that your vocabulary is probably more limited than the social skills of an average WoW player. This point alone is one of the key reasons that the game succeeds to such a high degree; it is legitimately challenging and will provide nearly any level of player with a certain degree of 'brain training'."

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bgrundman3713d ago

more board games on iPhone.... great. Yay for more unoriginal content.

CrAppleton3713d ago

I agree, the milking of these franchises is getting to be a little bit much.

wondroushippo3713d ago

At least it's one of the originals, not some hackneyed new idea. Respect yo' elders!

Haly3713d ago

Cheap shot time: Well it is EA isn't it? ;)

CrAppleton3713d ago

Hahaha... good call, but EA has never been one to milk anything, have they? :P

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wondroushippo3713d ago

Surprised there weren't any puns about "boggling" - I've come to expect this from the site.