Halo 3 a Bigger, Badder Shooter

Microsoft held two Halo 3 media events in both San Francisco and New York Friday evening. Next-Gen was in attendance for the invite-only session at the Foreign Cinema in San Francisco to cover the event.

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OneBubbleBastard4485d ago

The only thing that makes sense out of the title is BAD

Crappy game..

PhinneousD4485d ago

you're irritating. you sound like a friggin buzz marketer. gth.

grunt3604485d ago

The only thing that makes sense out of your name is Bastard

gta_cb4485d ago

hmm i wounder if you feel better/good about yourself when your asleep at night without an Xbox 360 cos your a SonyFangirl, and you dont own a PS3 as you cant afford one...?

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Evil Rant Monkey4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

This site has turned into Halo 3 Madness. There have been so many posts involving this game! lol! The game's not even coming out until, what, November. This is only a slight taste of what's to come.

With the Beta opening on Wednesday though, I guess everyone is getting prepared. Checkin' out the vids, and seeing what's in store. I bet you some people even know their way around the maps from watching so many videos.

I got my entry. In fact I have 2. Phase 1 entry and one from Crackdown. Do you have yours?

The BS Police4485d ago

One from the Phase 1 selection the other from Crackdown.

Vip3r4485d ago

Yeah everything on this site seems to involve Halo 3 wherever you look.

FeralPhoenix4485d ago

Thats because every big gaming site has massive coverage of the Halo3 event going on in San Fran & New York.....and yes, I have my ticket to the party (Beta) Wednesday. Who doesn't?

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MoonDust4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

I tried getting in the first two and nothing, i had to buy crackdown. The fun thing is, right after the beta Shadowrun is coming out, i can turn crackdown in and it'll be half off.
PS: Here come the PS fanboys with their 4 different names to flame.

xfrgtr4485d ago

Graphics look like sh.t!!!!

grunt3604485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

No, i'm sorry but I think you looked at the wrong were meant to look at the computer screen not your mirror.

eLiNeS4485d ago

PofS 3 graphics do look like $h!t

Satanas4485d ago

Honestly, stop trolling...

I hope we see some info on the campaign mode. I'm hoping it's better than Halo 2's. Hopefully Killzone 2 comes out around then too, so I can play both of these games =)

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PS360PCROCKS4485d ago

It kind of sucks that Halo has always been known for amazing bar setting graphics and it doesn't seem like Halo 3 will be that. But the cool thing is that I think that when Bungie looked at the Xbox360 as a whole they realized it had alot of power. I think this has to do with alot of developers now and why were all kind of looking at games and going "wtf these graphics suck" (I.E Forza 2) But I think this gen is obviously going to be about amazing graphics. But I think what we failed to interpret from developers comments is that their not excited about the graphics elements. Their excited with the amount of processes they can pull off to bring the game closer and truer to real life. I mean how many comments have you seen that went something like "This was never capable before last gen" I think video game systems up to this point have always concentrated on graphics because their wasn't enough technology to do anything but prettier people and backgrounds. I wholeheartedly believe that this gen is going to be about realism. But not realism in photo like scenery. Realism in reactions, in how life is, in all the elements that make life, well lifelike. I for one will for now on bring my expectations on graphics down a notch. Because I have realized that with these two consoles (PS3-XBOX360) that the amazing thing we're going to see is artists ideas coming to life. Developers dreams coming alive in the form of every conscientious idea in their minds. Halo 3 might not be as beautiful as Gears Of War but their realism for that game was in the beautiful war town scenery. They wanted you to feel the pain and suffering of the civilization from what you saw. They wanted to place and immerse you in this world by that. It's the reasoning you see only 8 guys on screen at all times. Forza focuses on it's realism by what you hear and the feeling you get, which it does superbly. Pgr4 immerses you in realism by gorgeous graphics and scenery. Halo while not being as beautiful will no doubt be an amazing game. I have realized I would rather see every realism possible with smart A.I. and massive levels with almost lifelike graphics. Graphics won't make the game anymore fun or the A.I. any smarter. Isn't that why we play? I know I would rather walk through a world full of enemies than walk through a world with no enemies so the flowers can look pretty.

Satanas4485d ago

I agree that Halo 3 might not look as good as Gears, but I don't doubt the overall multiplayer experience for Halo. It's always been good in that way.

grifter0244485d ago

Wow 360 rocks.. I agree with you but all you could have said was just think of "The Room" in terms of artistic freedom. Now that we have some good software "Project Ego" better be just that !! And not some game that didnt deliver on anything! Cant wait .. Hmm weird noone is playing it till the 16? That sucks for you guys,just got off playing it. You'll have fun trust me . Your first stick will be embedded in your memory forever and hearing killjoy is weird.

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The story is too old to be commented.