Kotick: Looking Out For Shareholders First, Gamers Second?


"Activision Blizzard CEO Robert Kotick is a determined man. Focused on little but the bottom line, Kotick spoke openly to investors and analysts at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco about Activision Blizzard's status within the gaming community. Kotick made some fairly large claims during his 45 minute presentation, surrounding the future of game development and Activision Blizzard's role therein, but most of these claims seemed more focused on making or saving money rather than on the enjoyment of consumers."

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Nitrowolf23714d ago

This guy a greedy duoch
but i guess thats business

UnSelf3714d ago


Konniving Opportunist Tethered Into Castrating Kittens

Seraphim3714d ago

that is business...

but leave it to Kotick to stir up a Blizzard...

Leathersoup3714d ago

It's not business. It's "publicly traded company" business. It's one of the reasons I appreciate Valve and all they do.

THE-JAGON3714d ago

Fire Robert Kotick !!! Fire Robert Kotick !!!
Fire Robert Kotick !!! Fire Robert Kotick !!!
Fire Robert Kotick !!! Fire Robert Kotick !!!

sunil3714d ago

its just business, but he is being an idiot coming out and saying the things he does... Hes just alienating gamers and thats not good

morganfell3714d ago

A lot of people workout because they want to lose weight. Their goal is to look better, feel better, and drop those pounds and the workout is something you have to deal with. You endure it. Gradually the chore of exercising, going to the gym, eating correctly wears on them and they fail.

But if they make the workout itself the goal, an adventure, something to be enjoyed and adjust their lifestyle and don't focus on the end result then the pounds drop and end result they want actually takes care of itself.

Bobby (Hank Hill voice) if you take care of the gamers and focus on treating them fair and providing a great product that everyone enjoys then the shareholders will reap huge profits. The end result will take care of itself.

But focus on the greed and profit, rather than the enjoyment, it will wear on devs, the games will blow and your system will fail.

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VampHuntD3714d ago

Kotick should realize that looking after gamers and consumers is the BEST way to look after his shareholders. Gamers ain't buying means stockholders aren't getting paid.

D4RkNIKON3714d ago

It doesn't get any more true than that..

Johnny Rotten3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

in other words...

if you keep putting out overly priced plastic toys and give us nothing more than a rehash of the "been there, done that" people WILL get board of you. When I say people I mean the ones your trying to milk.



now if only gamers actually realized this... i don't the few of us on this site and the few who are ready to leave activisions games on the shelf and not support them, but the masses of gamers who regardless of what price or stupid schime he comes up with will gladly skip down to the shops like lemmings and feed him and his board of directors while getting less quality and paying more for it !

honestly, wake up people.

kaveti66163714d ago

Bobby Kotick is actually a lot smarter than most of us on here. We sit here in our little internet bubble and think we are the world, and we're not. We read these articles about the douchey things that this guy says and does, and we say we should boycott his games, and all of that, but guess what? We are the minority. Bobby knows this. Modern Warfare 2 is going to sell millions of copies and most of the world has no clue what Kotick has said. They don't know and they don't care, only we do. We make mountains out of molehills on this site, thinking what? That we are the voice of gamers? The world will continue to pay for the game, even if the price went up 20 bucks. That's what is happening, and that will continue to happen. I really have no idea what kind of arrogance it takes to post a comment that advises this man what he should do.

Bobby is the CEO of a major company. Do you really think he gives a crap about what an internet blogger has to say? No. He has more info than anyone else about what it takes to sell games. Will he make mistakes? Yes, and in hindsight the rest of us will seep out of the woodwork and make claims that we knew all along that so and so game was gonna fail, whereas the majority of games by Activision Blizzard are in high demand and are anticipated by millions of people around the world. World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Modern Warfare 2, Guitar Hero, Diablo 3 are all games that I have no intention of buying because they don't interest me, but I assume each one of them will be successful and Kotick's shareholders love him, and gamers all around the world don't even know who he is. They just play the games that his company makes.

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Ares84PS33714d ago

How is he a CEO of anything if he can't think???


mrv3213714d ago

Atleast we are second, surprised we are that high, he treats us like a clingy woman, no matter he does we come back.

I will never buy GH, WoW, WarCraft, Starcraft or Diablo 3, because of this guy I got too close to buy WoW and I went I refuse to put faith in a company that treats me this way. I'm buying COD 6 second hand unless they implement some anit second hand system in which case I'll pirate.

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